How much it will cost America to return to the moon


NASA's new moon rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), is projected to cost $4.1 billion per launch.

The estimated cost per astronaut for a moon mission is $1.025 billion.

NASA Inspector General Paul Martin confirmed the findings of an audit, revealing the rising costs of SLS.

Initial projections for SLS costs were around $500 million per launch back in 2012.

The current price tag for SLS moon missions is deemed as "unsustainable”.

The estimated breakdown includes $2.2 billion for the SLS rocket and $1 billion for the Orion spacecraft.

Further, it includes $300 million for the Orion's service module and $568 million for ground systems.

The $40 billion NASA has spent on SLS and Orion development is not included in these costs.

SpaceX's Starship, with reusable technology, offers a more sustainable option for lunar exploration.