How to tell your family you won't come home for Thanksgiving


You’ve planned everything for the holidays, but your family wants you home for Thanksgiving.

How can you deny their invitation without hurting them? Here are a few ways to ease in the bad news.

You deserve to celebrate the holidays the way you like them. Be confident and polite when you tell them.

Don’t be blatant when you’re informing them. Give them a simple explanation why you can’t make it.

If you stay close by, visit them and tell them in person. If you are a bit far, you can do it over a phone call.

Don’t start the conversation with “I can’t come”. Build up the conversation and bring up the matter.

Don’t wait until the last moment. Inform them at the earliest and keep reminding them you won’t be there.

If you plan on hosting a party or gathering at your place, invite your parents over.

To compensate, plan and organize a family meet on another day and invite everyone over.

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