How to set up parental control on social media apps: 7 best tips


Protect your children from scammers with these 7 parental control tips:

1. On Instagram you can create a supervised account in Family Center for children between 13-17 years.

2. Either the teen or parent, send the invite for supervision; once accepted you can take control.

3. On Insta, you can time their use, allot breaks and check the accounts they are following.

4. The same applies to Facebook, go to settings & privacy and complete the privacy check-up.

5. Look out for options and select them. These options can be accessed by mobile devices.

6. Supervise their friends and messenger contacts, who are blocked, time spent on the app and more.

7. On Snapchat, add your child as a friend, go to settings and open family center and invite them to join.

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