Mega Millions winning numbers: How to play the $196M lottery


The mega million jackpot moved forward as no one matched all six numbers for Friday’s drawing.

Keep your ticket handy to check if you’re the game's new millionaire at the next drawing.

The numbers announced on Tuesday, November 7, are worth $196 million. Here’s how to play.

When you buy a Mega Million ticket, you get to select a total of 6 numbers.

The first five will be selected from the range of 1-70 for the white balls.

For the last number, you can select from 1-25 for the coveted golden Mega Ball.

If you find it difficult to choose a number, select Easy Pick or Quick Pick.

This available option will help in generating numbers at random for your ticket.

When playing in particular states, you can choose to add a Megaplier for an extra dollar.

This will raise your nonjackpot winnings by a factor of 2,3,4, or even 5 times.

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