NBA In-Season Tournament: How it works and what do players earn


The NBA In-Season Tournament is a new addition to the NBA schedule, starting 2023-24.

The NBA is testing this new experiment that follows European soccer.

The tournament will be played over two weeks, starting November 18.

It will feature all 30 NBA teams, divided into six groups of five teams each.

For whichever team wins the NBA Cup, each player will receive $500,000.

The runners-up and semifinal losers will get $200,000 and $100,000 per player, respectively.

The NBA hopes it will create more buzz, and it even has an incentive for its players.

The tournament games will not be additional, but counted in the regular season standings.

The average NBA team net worth is $ 3.85 billion, with Golden State Warriors being most valuable at $7.7B.

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