Rich Paul net worth: How rich is Adele's rumored husband in 2023


Born in Cleveland, Rich Paul grew up in a small apartment above his father's candy business.

After selling jerseys from his car, Paul's life changed when he met LeBron James.

Their meeting sparked a lasting friendship and professional collaboration.

Paul founded Klutch Sports, representing NBA stars like LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, and Anthony Davis.

United Talent Agency acquired part of Klutch Sports in 2020, earning Paul a seat on UTA's board.

Paul's influence extends to fashion with the launch of the New Balance Forever Yours Collection in July 2023.

He earned a 4% commission on transactions exceeding $1.4 billion for Klutch Sports clients.

Adele reportedly confirmed she married Rich Paul, her boyfriend of two years, in July 2023.

Rich has a net worth of $120 million, while Adele has a net worth of $183 million.

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