Robert Pattinson net worth: 8 stars he beat to play Edward in the 'Twilight' series


1. Scott Eastwood auditioned for Edward Cullen but didn't take it seriously, later regretting it.

2. Dave Franco tested for Edward but felt unsure about his chances and thought he was out of his depth.

3. Jamie Campbell Bower wanted to play Edward but ended up as Caius in the cast.

4. Dustin Milligan humorously said his lack of a British accent cost him the role.

5. Michael Welch initially auditioned for Edward and other roles, finally playing Mike Newton.

6. Once a frontrunner, Ben Barnes couldn't take the role due to scheduling conflicts.

7. Shiloh Fernandez reached the final four but didn't feel the right chemistry with Kristen Stewart.

8. Jackson Rathbone competed for Jasper's role and admired Robert Pattinson's performance.

9. Robert Pattinson ultimately became Edward, propelling him to mega-stardom.

The ‘Twilight’ saga made him a household name, significantly impacting his net worth, which is $100 million in 2023.

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