Sesame Street: 10 best celeb guest stars, ranked by net worth


‘Sesame Street’, in its 50-year history, has hosted numerous celebrity guest stars. Here are the top 10 stars.

10. Maya Angelou, worth $10 million, shared her wisdom through poetry and iconic Sesame songs.

9. Lupita Nyong'o defined the concept of skin for Elmo in season 45. She’s worth $10 million.

8. Blues legend BB King, worth $40 million, graced audiences with performances like ‘Alphabet Blues’.

7. Adam Sandler, worth $420 million, defined "crunchy" with Cookie Monster in seasons 41-42.

6. Lin-Manuel Miranda, worth $12.7 million, contributed behind the scenes in Sesame's 40th season.

5. Whoopi Goldberg's relationship with the show  includes discussions with Elmo. He’s worth $60 million.

4. The late Robin Williams, spanning seasons 27 to 42, brought unmatched energy. He was worth $60 million.

3. The iconic Ray Charles, worth $75 million, appeared on ‘Sesame Street’ from seasons 9-28.

2. Rock band R.E.M., worth $200 million, joined ‘Sesame Street’ in its 30th season.

1. Stevie Wonder's fourth season appearance in 1972 brought pure joy. He is worth $200 million.

‘Sesame Street' is worth $32-44 million, with annual current earnings between $8-14 million.

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