Thanksgiving Day traffic: Best and worst times to travel by road


Thanksgiving Day brings families together. But, with the traffic, will you arrive on time?

Everyone ends up traveling on November 23 so roads are expected to be packed.

The AAA predicts that 49 million people will take to the roads this Thanksgiving holiday.

The solution? Experts say it is best to plan ahead, leave early, and stay patient on the road.

Google-owned navigation map Waze has predicted when traffic will be worst and best during the holiday.

If you don’t mind light traffic, leave on Monday, Nov 20, and return home on Friday, Nov 24.

The app predicts that the car volume will be lowest during the week on these two days.

The worst day to leave is Wednesday, Nov 22, and the worst to return is Saturday, Nov 25.

Moderate traffic will be seen on Tuesday, November 21, and Sunday, November 26.

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