‘The Big Bang Theory' spin-off: What to expect in sitcom universe


Chuck Lorre has hinted at a second spinoff within 'The Big Bang Theory' franchise.

The new show, described as "prenatal" by the creator, is in the early stages of development.

However, specific details about the hit sitcom spinoff are yet to be revealed.

Possibilities include following characters, like Raj or Howard, before or after the original series.

It might explore the same universe with different characters and references to the original.

One potential direction could involve Paige Swanson, Sheldon's childhood rival, after 'Young Sheldon’.

The success of 'Young Sheldon' could inspire the next chapter in the franchise.

Chuck Lorre's comments suggest that concrete details about the spinoff are still some time away.

While the show ended in 2019, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ continues to make $1 billion per year.

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