What is the bird test? Why TikTok relationship test actually works


TikTok users have found the secret to predict if a couple will last or break up.

What is this secret? It is known as a bird test and is trending on TikTok.

The test allows you to post something that excites you and see how your partner reacts.

Repeated ignorance or rejection to connect even on something small, like a bird, isn’t a good sign.

This doesn’t hold well for the relationship's future and could lead to a break-up.

The test helps people see how often your partner takes on the cues you offer them.

These cues might be small, but it’s taken as a sign if they get ignored frequently.

Don’t be worried if your partners fail the bird test. You can talk to them about it.

Experts suggest not to make your partner take the test while they are occupied with work.

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