What is spaving? 7 best tips to overcome toxic spending habit


Spaving is the concept of spending to save money. Here are 7 tips to stop this toxic spending habit.

1. Just because an item is a discount doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Resist the temptation.

2. You may keep adding cheap items to your cart. Only buy what you really need and trash the rest.

3. Identify common behaviors associated with spaving to become aware of your spending habits.

4. Explore the negative impact of spaving on your financial well-being and long-term savings goals.

5. Reflect on personal triggers that lead to spaving, such as emotional spending or impulsive decisions.

6. Implement budgeting techniques to track and manage expenses, preventing unnecessary spaving.

7. Create a realistic spending plan that aligns with your financial goals to curb impulsive buying.

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