When is Veteran's Day 2023: 10 ways to celebrate it


1. Vets and service members get free meals and discounts. Remind them to carry their ID.

2. You can take them to visit state parks and museums without paying entry fees on this day.

3. Make a list of names and addresses of vets you know and send them thank you cards.

4. Contact organizations that help troops in need and send them a care package.

5. Let kids know how these warriors fought during the wars and teach them to show respect.

6. Teachers can conduct activities that will help students to learn more about veterans.

7. At school, invite a parent, grandparent, or member who is a veteran to speak to them.

8. Take a veteran at work for coffee or lunch. Find special ways to thank them.

9. Every community has a veteran-owned business that you can support and be part of.

10. A personal way to show respect is observing silence at 11.11 am on Veterans Day.

Give a gift card or send money to your favorite veteran this day with the Beem app.