Simp? Rizz? Your guide to modern dating slang for Valentine's Day


With Valentine's Day around the corner, here are a few dating terms you should know.

"Simp" refers to someone overly submissive in pursuit of affection.

"Rizz" means "relationship" in some circles, this is often used playfully.

"Ghosting" is cutting off or ending a relationship abruptly without communication.

"Breadcrumbing" is leading someone on with sporadic messages.

"Thirsty" describes someone overly eager for attention or affection.

"Cuffing season" refers to seeking a partner in colder months.

"DM sliding" is initiating contact via direct messages on social media.

"DTR" means "Define The Relationship", discussing exclusivity.

"Swiping" refers to using dating apps like Tinder to find matches.

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