What Is Car Insurance Rate by State?

Your car insurance is important to provide financial protection in case of an accident. We have compiled a list of average car insurance rates in each state for both minimum and full coverage.
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What Is Car Insurance Rate by State?
Car insurance rates can depend on varied factors including the state you live in and the car you drive. Here's a list of average annual premiums for full and minimum coverage auto insurance divided by state.

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Almost every state legally requires drivers to have car insurance coverage for their vehicles. Insurance is important as it protects you financially via coverage in case of an unprecedented crash.

There are different kinds of auto insurance policies and the benefits depend on the type of policy you buy. Beem, America’s first Al-powered Smart Wallet App, can help you understand what’s the average car insurance cost in your state. Liability coverage is required for payment of losses related to the other party, including medical expenses and vehicle damages.

Why Car Insurance Is Important?

Car insurance is important to protect your finances so that you don’t have to pay the amount to cover the damage out of your pocket. The coverage can also help in paying medical and legal fees, depending on the policy you choose. 

In case of no insurance coverage, you may be liable to pay all costs out of your pocket. This can be pretty stressful if you don’t have enough funds in your emergency savings. 

Interestingly, car insurance protects anyone who drives your car, subject to the coverage you choose. You also get additional protection such as roadside assistance and offers on safety features for your car in a number of coverages.

Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates

You can get the cheapest and best car insurance rates suitable to your needs by comparing policies. Review all the car insurance rates in your area. It is important to assess multiple quotes for the same coverage. Later, you can dig deeper to find the best-suited policy and company for your requirement.

A number of insurance companies offer discounts to drivers, allowing them to save money on their policies.

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

A major factor affecting your car insurance rate is your state’s regulations regarding a vehicular accident. In the US, some states are considered no-fault, while others are known as at-fault or tort states. 

There may be some confusion regarding what no-fault insurance is and how it works. No-fault insurance is also called Personal Injury Protection insurance (PIP). It helps in covering medical expenses and loss of income for you (the driver) and your passengers in the event of a covered accident, no matter whose fault it was. No-fault insurance is mandatory in 18 states.

In a no-fault state, every party is required to first file a claim with their own car insurance to cover the medical expenses after an accident. Drivers are mandated to carry some amount of personal injury protection (PIP) to cover the costs. Some no-fault states include Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan and New York.

In at-fault (tort) states, the driver who causes the crash compensates passengers for their losses, including bodily injury and property damage. The other driver or ‘not-at-fault’ driver may not be required to file a claim for medical expenses with their own car insurer.

What is Average Car Insurance Rate?

The average cost of car insurance in the United States is $2,014 per year for full coverage and $622 per year for minimum coverage. It brings your average car insurance rate to about $179 every month.

It is important to note that these rates provide full coverage insurance, including collision, liability and comprehensive insurance required by every state for drivers. However, your individual car insurance rate can depend on other factors such as location, car model and your driving history.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In My State?

The state you live in significantly impacts the car insurance rate, considering that each state has different rules and regulations regarding coverage.

For instance, Maine is among the cheapest states to offer full coverage car insurance with an annual average rate of $1,323. Florida, on the other hand, offers one of the most expensive full-coverage auto insurance plans at $3,605 per year on average.

Average Car Insurance Rate In Each State

The table given below talks about the average car insurance rates in each state for both full and minimum coverage levels. Full coverage insurance includes coverage for comprehensive and collision damages. 

The three numbers separated by slashes in each state’s minimum liability car insurance indicate: 

  1. The state’s liability coverage requirements for bodily injury liability per person.
  2. Bodily injury liability per accident.
  3. Property damage liability per accident. 

StateMinimum liability coverage limits (in thousands)Average annual cost of full coverageAverage annual cost of minimum coverage
New Hampshire25/50/25$1,262$319
New Jersey25/50/25$1,754$782
New Mexico25/50/10$1,591$346
New York25/50/10$3,139$1,371
North Carolina30/60/25$1,446$432
North Dakota25/50/25$1,302$269
Rhode Island25/50/25$1,886$551
South Carolina25/50/25$1,532$524
South Dakota25/50/25$1,553$276
Washington, D.C.25/50/10$2,072$607
West Virginia25/50/25$1,580$421


A car insurance company also decides the rates on the basis of numerous factors. These include your driving history, location, car model, demographics and credit score. Every insurer will carefully review these factors before offering the best insurance coverage that fits your budget. 

If you have poor credit, an insurer can increase the cost by 30% for the same policy which is 10% cheaper for you. Such a vast diversification in factors results in varied rates in different states, by different insurers.

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