Winter Side Hustles

While the colder months calls for curling up under a blanket in front of fire, business-minded geniuses make the most of the time to earn some extra money to save up during the holidays. This list of winter side hustles will help you add extra income to your financial portfolio.
Winter Side Hustles
Winter Side Hustles
Looking for feasible side hustles to carry out in winter that will help heat your bank during the frosty season? Here's a guide to the best winter side hustles in the USA to make extra money in the cold weather.
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Winter holidays are the perfect time to start something new. Side hustles can keep you engaged and bring in some extra cash for the winter. In this article, we will talk about some side hustles you can do. Do not worry! You don’t need to be a professional to start something new. You can always learn along the way and improve yourself. However, certifications and experience help you look dependable for the employer and get better compensation. Let’s get started!

20 Winter Side Hustles

Winter is the ideal time to boost your income. If you have the right skills, you can always create an earning potential for yourself. Even if winter is a cozy time for many, extra cash does not hurt anyone. Here is a list of winter side hustles you can do!

Be a Personal Shopper

You can engage clients and buy gifts for them to work on commission. Look for clients and ask for specifications. Further, find the perfect gift that may bring your client a smile. Handle purchasing and delivery. This job provides flexible working hours and working on will benefit. 

As a personal shopper, you help your clients by choosing and buying things that match their preferences. This helps you form strong relationships with your clients because it is easy for you to know what they prefer. Flexibility, excellent communication skills, and the ability to identify quality products are necessary attributes in this role.

Paint Homes

Winter Side Hustles

Winter is a slow season, but the construction industry is booming. You can get interior and exterior paint jobs. Learn about preparing services, applying paint, and cleaning up primarily to get your first paint job. 

This work is suitable for those who know about different methods of painting. You need to be able to choose the exact colors that suit the desires of your customers’ homes while selecting appropriate finishes. For example, painters should demonstrate good physical endurance when working at heights or dealing with dangerous substances.

Offer Gardening Services

Remove dead plants and make them winter-ready. Depending on the client’s needs, you can get a client and clean up, leave, or apply mulch. You can start by promoting your services to your neighborhood or posting on social media. Offering gardening services includes planting, cutting, weeding, and maintaining a garden or flower bed. This work requires that you know about plants and landscape designs. Creating a consistent customer base can help find seasonal work, such as cleaning up gardens or providing seasonal flowers like most.

Deliver Items

This winter, you can start your delivery journey by signing up on platforms like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Instacart. You can work according to your availability and deliver groceries and meals to people on cold winter days. To perform this work, you should have reliable transport means, timekeeping abilities, and excellent customer service skills. Couriers should navigate different paths cautiously while handling cargo, ensuring accurate delivery timelines. 


Parents may need extra help handling their children during holidays. You can take up babysitting jobs and work flexible hours.  This work involves feeding, amusing, overseeing activities, and keeping schedules. 

Babysitters should be patient people who can be relied upon and stay calm under pressure in emergencies.  To do this work, you should have Prior experience with children, first aid training, and good communication skills. Further, you are getting a chance to build long-term friendships with families. 

Plan Winter Events

You can help others create memories and earn alongside. Become a planner for winter events and plan holiday parties, birthdays, and gatherings. You can unleash your creative potential and get a fun way to meet your side hustle money seeds. This work involves arranging seasonal parties, corporate events, and community festivities. Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for engaging clients and vendors in creating unforgettable experiences.

Offer Business & Admin Help

If you have a rudimentary knowledge of how a business works, you can start bookkeeping for a company. Further, you can take up a job that suits your skills, such as social media and email marketing, customer services, data entry, booking schedules, record keeping, and handling correspondence. It would help if you were proficient in computer programs used in offices. Good organization skills and an eye for detail are required. This good winter side hustle will help you earn a lot of money while gaining multitasking skills. 

Sell Seasonal Holiday Goods

You can craft handmade cards, bake muffins, provide festive decorations, and sell on online customer marketplaces. You can be your boss and set prices for the products you sell. This work requires knowledge of festive season trends and the effective display of merchandise. Retailers must undertake crucial activities such as setting up eye-catching displays, providing excellent customer service, and managing stock.

Clear Snow and Shovel Driveways

Another winter side hustle idea can allow you to earn while helping others with the winter storm. You can shovel snow from the driveways. A lot of physical strength is required to do this job, which should be performed under harsh winter conditions. One would require tools like shovels, ice melt products, and a snow blower to do the work well. You are getting some exercise along the way of earning cash. Start by contacting your neighbors or attracting an audience from social media. 

Install Holiday Lights

People may need help buying and installing holiday lights for their homes and events. You can offer delivery service for lights and help your neighbors install them for the season. To do this work, you should have some creativity, design skills, and knowledge of ensuring safety when handling electrical devices.  Earn extra cash while spreading some joy around. 

Take on Various Odd Jobs

Odd jobs are a good winter side hustle for individuals to earn extra cash in their free time. They involve minor repairs, cleaning, moving furniture, and yard work. This job demands problem-solving abilities, flexibility, and readiness to tackle challenges. You can talk to your neighbors and friends to find suitable projects. Earn on an hourly or per-job basis.

Be a Freelance Writer

You can work on holiday-themed cards, blog posts, or articles. Starting as a freelance content writer after finding your domain is not complex. Pick something you like and start writing content for the same. Further, build a portfolio and showcase skills to clients to earn. 

This work is attractive because one can work from anywhere, plus select projects that one finds attractive enough to undertake. Successful freelance writers balance creativity with discipline to produce high-quality content consistently. Earn extra cash while writing in different niches. 

Be an Entertainer

You can use your hobbies to earn extra money during the winter. Leverage your skills to sing carols, play festive music, or perform and entertain people around you. You can perform at parties, functions, and public places as an entertainer. You can be a musician, comedian, magician, and more. It would help to have a way with your audience and a magnetic stage presence. Therefore, practice, creativity, and adapting to different audiences are critical. 

Tutor Students

You can use your winter holidays to tutor students and help them catch up on their syllabus before the examination. You should have content knowledge, expertise, patience, and practical teaching approaches. Be sure to share your knowledge and gain something from it. 

Good tutors not only help improve academic performance but also raise confidence levels in students and motivate them. This side hustle will not only help you to earn extra cash but also help you spread your knowledge. 

Do Seasonal Retail Jobs

You can talk to retail stores and offer help during the holiday season. You can work as a shopper, cashier, delivery person, or gift wrapper. Additionally, enjoy the benefit of employee discounts and store bonuses. Work in stores during peak periods like holidays or back-to-school seasons. Moreover, you should ensure that clients enjoy their shopping time within a company’s premises by ensuring that its profit targets are reached.

Try Sales Or Telemarketing

You can start your side hustle journey by promoting products on social media and getting commission with potential leads. Engage with the audience and work according to your time and availability. It involves selling goods or services over the phone or meeting someone to convince them about these offers. This work requires strong communication skills, an ability to persuade others, and the ability to endure rejection. 

Repair or Improve Homes

If you have the necessary skills, offer your help as a handyman and work on house-related projects. You may have to take in orders, repair faucets, or install shelves in someone’s home. You will get an income based on skills and how well the job gets done. 

Home repair and improvement services include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and remodeling. This job requires technical skills, knowledge of building codes, and the ability to use different tools. Moreover, Good customer service and clear communication regarding the work’s scope and price are essential. 

Holiday Decorating

Winter Side Hustles

Build a decoration or interior/exterior designing portfolio to showcase holiday decorating skills and get a chance to transform people’s homes into festive havens. Get paid according to the output, product quality, and experience. Holiday decorating is a good winter side hustle that will help them generate some additional revenue during the festive period while decorating other people’s houses. This work requires creativity, design skills, and knowledge of what’s cool today in decor. 

Winter Photography

If you want to start as a photographer, promote your skills and services on social media. This work necessitates knowledge of camera operation, techniques used in photography, and the ability to withstand cold conditions. To take amazing shots of winter scenes, photographers should have sufficient knowledge of lighting and composition. Additionally, it requires photo editing skills to enhance photos. Capture the winter magic or images of family or friend memories. You can sell customers physical pictures, digital downloads, or picture packages.

Rent Out Winter Gear

If you have any spare snowboards, ice skates, winter apparel, or other winter gear, you can rent them! This work requires an inventory of premium-quality equipment and familiarity with various forms of wintertime sports and activities. This service’s target markets during the winter season are tourists and local enthusiasts. Enjoy the satisfaction of letting people enjoy their holidays while earning extra!

Earning Better with Side Hustles

If you are looking for the perfect time to start your side hustle journey, nothing could be better than the winter season. By capitalizing on the increased demand for certain job skills during the winter season, side hustlers can generate extra income and pursue their passion at the same time. Refine your interests and hobbies to add an income source. If you need help managing your finances, try Beem! Take charge of your financial health with Beem.

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