Best Car Insurance in Jonesboro, AR

Are you looking for the best car insurance in Jonesboro, AR? Explore this comprehensive guide to learn about top providers, coverage choices, and recommendations for ensuring the best roadside protection.
Best Car Insurance in Jonesboro
Best Car Insurance in Jonesboro, AR
Car insurance premiums in Jonesboro, AR, average $1,744 per year, which is somewhat lower than the state average and determined by characteristics such as age, credit score, and driving history. Understanding local driving conditions and looking into discounts may greatly influence rates - read on to learn more!
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In the bustling city of Jonesboro, AR, having reliable and comprehensive car insurance is vital. Driving the roads with peace of mind requires a policy that meets legal requirements and caters to individual needs and preferences. 

This article explores best car insurance in Jonesboro, ensuring residents have the finest vehicle protection. From coverage options to customer service excellence, we will explain the intricacies of insurance providers that stand out in this vibrant community, helping you decide to safeguard your automotive assets.

Overview of car insurance in Jonesboro, AR

Car insurance in Jonesboro, AR, is vital to responsible vehicle ownership, providing drivers with financial protection and legal compliance.

The state mandates minimum liability coverage, encompassing bodily injury and property damage liability, but residents often opt for added coverage options to enhance their protection. Jonesboro offers diverse insurance providers, allowing drivers to choose from various options based on individual needs.

 The annual cost of full coverage car insurance in Jonesboro averages $1,744, slightly lower than the statewide average of $1,768 in Arkansas.

It’s important to note that individual rates can vary based on age, credit score, and driving history. Understanding local driving conditions and considering customer satisfaction and reviews are crucial in selecting the right insurer. Moreover, exploring discounts and incentives can significantly lower premiums.

Top 5 car Insurance in Jonesboro, AR

Here are the top 5 car insurance providers in Jonesboro, AR: 


Beem Insurance is the premier choice for car insurance in Jonesboro, AR, offering residents comprehensive coverage and exceptional service. Known for its extensive coverage options,

Beem allows drivers to tailor plans to their specific needs, from primary liability to comprehensive and collision coverage. Its commitment to competitive pricing sets Beem apart, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. 

The customer-centric approach is evident in Beem’s transparent policies and dedicated support team, making the insurance process seamless and stress-free for clients.

Beem also goes the extra mile by providing various discount opportunities, rewarding safe driving records, and bundling policies. 

With a deep understanding of local driving conditions and the insurance landscape in Jonesboro, Beem is a reliable partner. Choosing Beem means choosing a trusted ally dedicated to safeguarding your driving experience with quality coverage, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Direct Auto Insurance

Direct Auto Insurance provides coverage for high-risk drivers or those facing challenges securing insurance from other providers.

Their commitment is to assist you in obtaining the coverage you need, offering car insurance discounts such as good-student, multi-car, and multi-product discounts to make insurance more accessible. Located at 2221C S Caraway Rd in Jonesboro, their representatives are dedicated to helping you customize your coverage to meet Arkansas driving laws.

In addition, Direct Auto Insurance extends exclusive discounts and promotions on various insurance types, including life, motorcycle, and commercial insurance. 

Why did you choose Direct Auto Insurance? You can save up to 25% on car insurance through safe driving, multi-product, and other driver discounts.

Moreover, flexible payment options allow you to decide when, how, and what you pay. With features like MyAccount for online policy access, 24/7 claims service, and roadside assistance, Direct Auto Insurance strives to provide a convenient and reliable insurance experience.

Selby Insurance

Selby Insurance & Financial is your all-encompassing destination for car insurance and financial solutions in Jonesboro, AR, and Northeast Arkansas.

Operating as an independent agency, they offer services from an extensive network of over 40 carriers, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your needs.

With over two decades of dedicated service, their commitment to insurance is driven by a passion to impact our clients’ lives positively. 

As an independent insurance agency, they provide various coverage options and price points. They simplify the process by handling the comparison by eliminating the need for clients to accept a quote from just one company or invest time in filling out multiple applications. At Selby Insurance, they focus on the deals so you can enjoy the savings.

M&M Insurance Agency

M & M Insurance Agency is another choice for your auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle insurance needs. Established in 2001 and located in the heart of Jonesboro, AR, they offer competitive rates, friendly customer service, and convenient office hours.

As a locally and family-owned business, they bring years of experience to assist you with various insurance requirements. 

You can inquire about their multi-vehicle discounts and explore the possibility of military or good student discounts. In addition, you can reach them for a FREE quote tailored to both perfect and less-than-perfect driving records. With immediate quotes available over the phone, M & M Insurance Agency is an excellent choice for prompt insurance solutions.


GEICO stands out as an excellent option for drivers with a DUI in Jonesboro, offering competitive rates that are notably lower than the city’s average.

With a proven track record of operating with high-risk drivers, the company provides many benefits, including 16 advertised customer discounts. 

Like the other top insurers in Jonesboro, GEICO boasts an A++ rating from A.M. Best and demonstrates below-average customer complaints on the NAIC complaint index.

In Jonesboro, GEICO is highly rated and offers affordable rates. Its coverage starts at $53 per month for liability and $94 for full coverage.

Car Insurance Requirements in Jonesboro, AR

Arkansas mandates that drivers maintain car insurance meeting or exceeding specific requirements, including $50,000 for bodily injury liability per accident, $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person, and $25,000 for property damage liability per accident. The state operates on an at-fault system.

Additionally, if financing or leasing a vehicle, full coverage may be needed by the lender or leasing company.

As of 2024, the average cost of car insurance in Arkansas varies by age and coverage level. For instance, an 18-year-old can expect to pay around $5,179 for full coverage and $1,469 for minimum coverage, while a 30-year-old may pay $1,973 for full coverage and $468 for minimum coverage.

Driving without insurance in Arkansas incurs penalties, such as dismissal of charges with proof for the first offense of having no proof of insurance.

A first offense without coverage may lead to fines ranging from $50 to $250 and registration suspension. Repeat infractions may result in penalties of up to $1,000 and prolonged registration suspension. Drivers must adhere to these requirements to avoid legal consequences.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage in Jonesboro, AR

In Jonesboro, AR, drivers have various options for car insurance coverage to tailor their policies to specific needs. Here are the common types of car insurance coverage available in Jonesboro:

Liability Insurance

This is the foundational coverage required in most states, including Arkansas. It comprises injury to oneself and damage to property liability insurance. Bodily injury liability helps cover medical expenses for others if you’re at fault in an accident. In contrast, property damage liability helps cover the cost of damage to someone else’s property.

Collision Coverage

It helps pay for car repairs after an accident, regardless of who is at fault. It helps conceal automotive damage in accidents with other cars or objects.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from non-collision incidents like theft, vandalism, natural disasters, or hitting an animal. It provides coverage for damages beyond typical accidents.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This policy covers you if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver or have insufficient insurance to compensate for your damages.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payment coverage helps pay for medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

PIP coverage is comparable to medical payments coverage but also covers lost income and other non-medical expenditures incurred due to an accident.

Rental Reimbursement

Rental reimbursement coverage helps pay for a rental car if your vehicle is being repaired after a covered incident.

Towing and Labor Coverage

Towing and labor coverage covers towing your vehicle and certain labor expenses if it breaks down.

Understanding the various types of coverage available allows drivers in Jonesboro to create insurance policies that align with their specific needs and provide comprehensive protection on the road. However, checking with insurance specialists to identify the best coverage for individual needs is critical.

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Rates in Jonesboro, AR

Car insurance rates in Jonesboro, AR, and across the country are influenced by various factors that insurance companies assess through statistical analysis.

Statistically, drivers with a history of speeding violations or previous accidents face a higher likelihood of future accidents, impacting their insurance rates.

Age, financial history, and driving experience are also significant considerations, with older drivers boasting clean records and strong credit scores often enjoying lower insurance rates.

Geographical location plays an essential role in determining insurance costs. Living in areas with high crime or accident rates can result in higher premiums.

Fault in accidents can also impact rate increases, underscoring the importance of having an experienced car accident attorney to investigate and represent interests.

1. Driving History: Driving history remains a pivotal factor, and a clean record is vital for securing lower rates. Previous accidents, violations, or insurance claims can elevate premiums. The number of miles driven is another variable; those with longer commutes typically face higher rates, though discounts for low mileage may be available upon request.

2. Demographic: Demographic factors such as age, gender, marital status, credit score, and location are taken into account by insurance companies.

Young men often face higher rates than their female counterparts, but this discrepancy may shift as individuals age. Marriage tends to lower premiums, especially for men with clean driving records. Additionally, living in densely populated areas may impact rates, with economic status and employment levels also considered.

3. Vehicle Type: The type of vehicle driven affects insurance rates. Cars with higher safety ratings may lower premiums, reducing the likelihood of costly medical treatments following an accident.

Certain vehicles may be statistically more prone to accidents or theft, influencing insurance rates. The age of the vehicle is another factor, with older cars potentially qualifying for reduced premiums by removing collision coverage.

Finding the Right Car Insurance Provider in Jonesboro, AR

Finding the right car insurance provider in Jonesboro, AR, involves a strategic process that includes thorough research and careful comparison of coverage options:

Researching Local Insurance Companies

Start by identifying local insurance companies in Jonesboro. Look for well-established providers with positive reputations; some examples include Beem, Geico, etc. Online reviews, testimonials from locals, and recommendations from friends or family can offer valuable insights. Focus on customer service, processing of claims efficiency, and general satisfaction.

Comparing Coverage

Once you have a list of possible insurance providers, compare their coverage options. Consider the following key factors:

  • Liability Coverage: Ensure the provider offers the minimum liability coverage required by the state, covering bodily injury and property damage.
  • Additional Coverage Options: Evaluate the availability of comprehensive, crash, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and medical payments coverage. Assess which additional options align with your specific needs.
  • Discounts: Inquire about general discounts, such as safe driving, multi-car, bundling policies, and good student discounts. Understanding potential savings can be crucial in decision-making.
  • Policy Limits and Deductibles: Compare policy limits and deductibles across providers. Opting for higher deductibles may lower premiums, but it’s essential to have a balance based on your financial comfort and risk tolerance.
  • Customer Support: Assess the quality of client support each insurance company provides. Prompt and helpful assistance during the claims process is critical.
  • Financial Stability: Look into the monetary stability of each insurance company by checking their ratings from agencies like A.M. Best. This ensures they have the financial strength to meet their obligations.

Filing a Car Insurance Claim in Jonesboro, AR

A seamless experience after a car accident or damage requires a solid understanding of the insurance claim process. The following steps are generally followed by insurers at Jonesboro, AR, when handling claims:

1. Report the Incident to the Police: In case of significant damage or injuries, report the accident to the local police. Please get a copy of the police report, which may be required during the claims process.

2. Contact Your Insurance Provider: In the unfortunate event of an accident or damage, you must contact your insurance company promptly. Most insurers offer a 24-hour claims hotline for immediate assistance.

3. Provide Necessary Information: When reporting a claim, be prepared to provide essential information, including incident details, relevant parties involved, and any available documentation to aid the claims process.

4. Claims Adjuster: Following your report, your insurance company will dispatch a claims adjuster to evaluate the damage and determine the coverage available under your policy. The adjuster plays a crucial role in evaluating the extent of the damage and facilitating the next steps.

5. Repair Procedure: Once the claim is approved, you can proceed with the necessary repairs. Some insurance companies have preferred partnerships with specific repair businesses, while others may give you the flexibility to choose your preferred repair shop.

6. Claim Resolution: After the repairs are completed, the insurance company will conclude the claim process, applying any relevant deductibles. This marks the resolution of the claim, confirming that your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident or pre-damage condition.

By familiarizing yourself with these steps and promptly following the necessary procedures, you can efficiently handle the car insurance claim process. This understanding ensures that your insurance coverage works effectively to address and remedy the impact of unexpected events on your vehicle.

Tips for Lowering Car Insurance Costs in Jonesboro, AR

Here are some common tips that can help reduce car insurance costs in Jonesboro, AR:

Get multi-car discounts

Opting for multi-car insurance can often result in lower costs per vehicle, as insurance companies frequently offer discounted rates for insuring multiple vehicles with the same provider. This is particularly beneficial when multiple drivers reside at the same address and are related by blood, marriage, or co-ownership. Additionally, having a teen driver may increase premiums, but a good student discount could apply for those with a B average or higher, ranging from 1% to 39%.

Drive with caution

Keeping a safe driving record is critical to avoiding accidents and moving violations that can lead to increased insurance rates. Safe driving practices can qualify you for discounts, such as those Travelers Insurance offers for accident-free records.

Enroll in a defensive driving course

Achieving an approved defensive driving course can often result in insurance discounts. Drivers can also reduce points on their licenses through these courses. Ensuring that the cost and effort invested in the course justify the potential insurance savings is crucial. Checking with your insurance company about available discounts and selecting an accredited course is essential.

Boost your deductibles

Adjusting your deductible lets you determine how much you will spend out of cash before your coverage kicks in. While lower deductibles lead to higher annual premiums, opting for higher deductibles can lower premiums. Before making this decision, it’s advisable to consult with your agent to understand the impact on your premium. This strategy may benefit those hesitant to file more minor claims to avoid potential premium increases.

Boost your credit score

In addition to your driving history, insurance firms evaluate credit scores when calculating prices. Maintaining a positive credit rating can contribute to lower auto insurance costs. This highlights the importance of financial responsibility and a clean driving history.


Selecting the best car insurance in Jonesboro, AR, demands a thoughtful evaluation of coverage, discounts, and individual needs. Local providers offer tailored solutions, with considerations like multi-car discounts, safe driving, and course completions influencing premiums. 

Adjusting deductibles and maintaining a favorable credit rating further impact costs. The ultimate personalized choice reflects each driver’s unique circumstances and preferences. Through a blend of research and understanding, residents can confidently secure the optimal car insurance coverage in Jonesboro.


How can I find affordable car insurance in Jonesboro, AR?

To find affordable car insurance in Jonesboro, consider comparing quotes from multiple local insurance providers. Look for companies that offer discounts, such as multi-car or safe driver discounts. Exploring various coverage options and checking for discounts can help you secure an inexpensive car insurance plan.

What factors influence car insurance rates in Jonesboro, AR?

Several factors influence car insurance rates in Jonesboro, AR. These include your driving history, gender, age, credit score, marital status, and the vehicle type you drive. Factors like coverage limits, deductibles, and applicable discounts also impact the insurance premium.

How do I report a car insurance claim in Jonesboro, AR?

Reach your insurance provider immediately after the incident. Provide essential information, including details of the incident, parties involved, and any available documentation. Your insurance firm may send a claims adjuster to assess the damage and determine coverage. Proceed with necessary repairs once the claim is approved. After repairs are completed, the insurance company concludes the claim, applying any relevant deductibles.

How can I get a personalized car insurance quote in Jonesboro, AR?

Getting a personalized car insurance quote in Jonesboro involves contacting local insurance providers. You can contact them instantly or use online assistance available on their websites. Insurance representatives can guide you through the quote process, offering insights into discounts.

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