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colorado self employment tax

Colorado Self-Employment Tax: All You Need to Know

While being your own boss can be great, the complexities of filing your own taxes as a self-employed individual in Colorado can be overwhelming. This guide to self-employment tax in Colorado will walk you through the basics of what to expect while filing your return during the 2023 tax season.
what is gross pay

What is Gross Pay?

For employees, understanding what is gross pay facilitates a holistic understanding of their total compensation, enabling effective financial planning and precise budgeting.
Marginal Tax Rate

Marginal Tax Rate

Gaining a thorough understanding of the marginal tax rate is essential for navigating the intricacies of the American tax system and enabling people to improve their financial resiliency.
Tax Credit

Tax Credit

However, with various tax credits and anticipated beneficial changes for 2023, Americans have a significant opportunity to decrease owed taxes. Additionally, several common tax credits are available to meet individual needs. Let's delve into understanding what tax credits are and how they work.
What is Medicare The Ultimate Guide

Medicare Tax

Find more about the history of the Medical Program, Part A benefits, costs, additional Medicare tax, and critical Medicare information.
What is Payroll Tax

What is Payroll Tax?

We discuss payroll taxes, including how they work and what they consist of. It covers the necessities for employees and companies, from federal income tax to Social Security and Medicare contributions.
Form 4868

Form 4868

You can apply for an extension of the deadline to file your federal income tax using Form 4868. In this article, let's explore the details of Form 4868, who may need it, how to file it and when, among other aspects.
Form 1040-V

Form 1040-V

Form 1040-V is a payment voucher used with IRS Form 1040 or 1040-NR. Here's everything you need to know about Form 1040-V ahead of the tax filing season in the United States.
withholding allowance

Withholding Allowance

If you are stepping into a new phase in your life, like a new job or marriage or welcoming a little angel to your family, it is wise to review your W-4 withholdings. Let's understand how withholding allowance works!
Educator expenses

Educator Expenses

In the labyrinth of tax regulations, Educator Expense Deduction stands out as a beacon for those committed to shaping young minds. Let's unravel the practicalities of this deduction without tripping any alarms.
stay-at-home moms

Can Stay-At-Home Moms File Taxes? [with Tax Credit 2024]

Stay-at-home moms can file taxes regardless of their income. They could file an income tax return as married filing separately. Read on to know more.
Does filing tax extension increase audit risk

Does Filing a Tax Extension Increase Audit Risk

Does filing tax extension increase audit risks? Contrary to popular assumptions, requesting an extension may reduce this risk. Read on to know more.
Do condo associations file tax returns

Do Condo Associations File Tax Returns

Condo associations must handle tax issues and manage common areas. Explore Forms 1120-H and 1120, learning about legal requirements, paperwork, and the subtleties of income, expenses, and deductions.
What are MUD Taxes?

What are MUD Taxes?

Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) collect taxes from their residents, and the money raised goes toward maintaining and enhancing vital services and utilities. Depending on the requirements and choices made by each MUD, different tax rates and purposes may apply.

Inheritance Tax: What It Is, How It’s Calculated, and States List

An inheritance tax is imposed on the recipients of the assets, and the rate and amount of the tax depends on the value of the inheritance and the relationship of the beneficiary to the deceased.

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