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Withholding Tax

Withholding Tax : Every Thing you need to know

Withholding tax is a convenient and easy way to pay your tax bill throughout the year. But it is advised to keep a thorough check on your withheld tax amount. This blog deals with the basic information involved with withholding employees’ salary for tax payments.
Property Tax Deduction

Property Tax Deduction: A Complete Guide

Some people pay their property taxes in one lump sum, while others set aside money each month. However, when it comes to tax deductions, only the actual amount paid during the year can be claimed.
how to save tax

12 Best Strategies To Reduce Your Tax Bill

A tax bill is the amount of money an individual or a business entity owes to the government. It is dependent on the individual/business entity’s taxable income, which is determined by subtracting any applicable deductions and credits from the total income earned in a fiscal year.
state income tax rates

What Are State Income Tax Rates for 2023? | Beem

State Income Tax is a tax that's applied to the money you earn, and it's something that 42 of the 50 states in the US have.
Virginia State Tax

Virginia State Tax 2022-2023: Status and Its Tax Implications

You have until May 1, 2023, to file your 2022 individual income taxes in Virginia. And if you need a little more time, the state has got you covered with an automatic extension option until November 1.

Form 1099-INT: Your Guide to Interest Income Reporting

The 1099-INT form includes your Social Security Number or taxpayer identification number, which means that the IRS knows of your income from investments.
Tax Filing Status

Tax Filing Status: Choosing the Right Status for You

Tax brackets help in understanding what kind of taxes are applied to you on the basis of your filing status. How you move from one range to another as a taxpayer critically depends on your filing status.
arizona state income tax

Exploring Arizona State Income Tax for 2023-2024

The deadline for filing taxes in Arizona is generally the same as the federal tax. There are a number of tax software out there that will do your taxes for free or for a small sum.
Tax Deductible Donations

Tax Deductible Donations: Maximizing Your Contributions

You can claim tax-deductible charitable donations while filing your tax return by itemizing the contributions on Schedule A of IRS Form 1040 or 1040-SR. It is usually limited to a certain percentage, for instance, 60% of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income (AGI).
earned income tax credit eligibility

Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility: Qualifying Criteria

Apart from having low to moderate income, there are several other factors that determine whether you qualify for earned income tax credit.
home office tax deduction

Home Office Tax Deduction: Claiming Your Workspace

There are generally two options for determining the home office tax deduction. The simplified version, however, may result in a smaller tax break. The standard option, on the other hand, needs extensive calculations and record-maintaining to offer a larger deduction. 
tax planning strategies

Tax Planning Strategies: Optimizing Your Financial Outlook

Your tax bracket is the range of income that is subject to a specific tax rate. Good tax planning will help you in making smart financial decisions.
tax evasion vs tax avoidance

Tax Evasion vs. Tax Avoidance: Legal and Illegal Practices

Tax avoidance is a method of reducing tax liability within the legal boundaries by exploiting loopholes in the tax laws. Tax Evasion refers to the illegal act of avoiding paying taxes by means of deception or concealment.

IRS mileage rate 2023 – Know their purpose

Taxpayers should consult the IRS guidelines if they have any questions or concerns about claiming mileage deductions on their tax returns. By using the IRS Mileage Rates, taxpayers can avoid the need to keep detailed records of actual operating expenses, such as fuel and maintenance costs.
how to file taxes

How to File Taxes: Step-by-Step Filing Process

The 2023 tax season is here and it's time to get your paperwork in order! The IRS kicked off the tax return acceptance on January 23, so grab your favorite pen and get ready to file your 2022 taxes.



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