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low income self employed

Free Tax Filing for Low-Income and Self Employed Individuals

A low income self employed individual can take advantage of all possible deductions and understand what’s expected of them to reduce their tax burden and grow their business at the same time. Invest appropriate time to claim all of your deductions in order to pay less in taxes.
free self employed tax filing

File Self-Employed Taxes for Free: Expert Tips and Guidance

Here are some tips and tricks to help in filing, paying and saving taxes for self employed individuals in the USA for the 2023 tax season.
low income

How and Where Low Income Families Can File Taxes For Free

The IRS provides tax assistance to low income taxpayers under the Tax Code. Taxpayers with low incomes have access to a variety of credits and deductions not available to others. The tax code includes credits based on particular situations.
free tax filing for low-income

Free Tax Filing Assistance for Low-Income Groups

There are numerous benefits associated with filing your taxes in the US. For instance, timely paying of your taxes can help you avoid added interest and penalties. Read on to know more.
file taxes Line free

How to File Your Taxes for Free With Line?

Did you know that filing taxes is one of the most challenging tasks for millions of Americans? Line has launched a new feature that makes this task easy and free! Now, anyone and everyone who needs to file their taxes can download the Line app and file both federal and state, W-2, 1099 and all tax forms and filing statuses including multi-state filing, for absolutely free. Read on to know more.
tax filing requirements for self employed

Tax Filing for Self Employed: Requirements, Deadline and Late Penalty

As per the tax filing requirements for self employed individuals, the SE tax is paid annually, but the income tax is to be paid quarterly on the basis of estimated income in the forthcoming quarter. Read on to know more.
self employed or low income

Tax filing options for self-employed or low-income Peoples

How will you file your taxes correctly with the IRS by April 18, 2023, as a self employed or a low income individual? There are different ways to go about this and the choice is yours. 
How to File Taxes as a Freelancer

How Freelancers or Gig Workers Can File Taxes

Through this blog, we will try to answer all such queries, including how to file taxes for freelancers or gig workers and how being your own boss can present some serious challenges, such as proving your income to a skeptical mortgage lender.
Estate Tax

Estate Tax: What You Need to Know

The specifics of estate tax, including the tax rate, exemptions, and thresholds, vary by jurisdiction and can be subject to local tax laws and regulations.
Tax Dependent

Who is a Tax Dependent: Criteria and Eligibility | Beem

For tax purposes, a dependent is typically a qualifying child or a qualifying relative. To be considered a tax dependent, the person must meet specific criteria related to residency, support and income among others.
Withholding Tax

Withholding Tax : Every Thing you need to know

Withholding tax is a convenient and easy way to pay your tax bill throughout the year. But it is advised to keep a thorough check on your withheld tax amount. This blog deals with the basic information involved with withholding employees’ salary for tax payments.
Property Tax Deduction

Property Tax Deduction: A Complete Guide

Some people pay their property taxes in one lump sum, while others set aside money each month. However, when it comes to tax deductions, only the actual amount paid during the year can be claimed.
how to save tax

12 Best Strategies To Reduce Your Tax Bill

A tax bill is the amount of money an individual or a business entity owes to the government. It is dependent on the individual/business entity’s taxable income, which is determined by subtracting any applicable deductions and credits from the total income earned in a fiscal year.
state income tax rates

What Are State Income Tax Rates for 2023? | Beem

State Income Tax is a tax that's applied to the money you earn, and it's something that 42 of the 50 states in the US have.
Virginia State Tax

Virginia State Tax 2022-2023: Status and Its Tax Implications

You have until May 1, 2023, to file your 2022 individual income taxes in Virginia. And if you need a little more time, the state has got you covered with an automatic extension option until November 1.

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