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tax filing extention

Tax Filing Extension 2023 – Things to remember

The month of April is when taxes are due in the United States. It's the month where you would find many filers doing whatever it takes to meet the deadline. However, if you've missed it and got a tax extension, now's the time to pay it.
IRS Letter

Did You Get an IRS Letter on a Change in Your Tax Amount?

Over 11 million letters have been sent out to taxpayers by the Internal Revenue Service, informing them that they will not be getting the actual refund they originally calculated or that they owe even more in taxes to the government
a man watching in his laptop

Still Waiting for Your Tax Refunds? Millions Delayed by IRS Backlog

Though it’s been four months since May for tax refunds to drop, millions haven’t received refunds yet. Moreover, a few may have to wait even longer, and need not check their mail or bank account for some time now.

What is 401(k) and How does it work? A Complete Guide

When you withdraw money from a 401(k) account, the IRS may lay claim to some of it. Here are the rules and information you should be familiar with if you want to avoid paying extra.

How to Roll Over 401k to IRA: Mastering the Art

When leaving an employer for reasons other than retirement, it is important to ensure that you make informed decisions regarding your 401(k) plan.

National 401k Day Guide: Deciding Between IRA and 401k

While one option is generally sufficient to create a reserve of funds after you retire, there is no reason why you can’t choose both.

Why a 401(k) Withdrawal Should Be Your Last Resort

Your 401(k) gives you some pretty sweet tax breaks—if you don’t pull out of the plan before you turn 59 years old. However, when times are tough and you need an influx of cash, taking money out of your 401(k) to stay afloat is an option you could consider. But what are the repercussions?
Fica Tax

Fica Tax – A comprehensive guide on withholding tax

2021 Roth IRA Contribution Limits

Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit: All You Need To Know About Your First Check

You will receive only half of your child tax credit this year in six payments. The second half will come in a lump sum as part of your tax refund in 2022.
Decreasing capital gains tax on a property sale

Decreasing capital gains tax on a property sale | Beem

Child Tax Credit 2023

Child Tax Credit 2023 | Eligibility and Benefits |

Tax deduction vs tax credit

Tax deduction vs tax credit: What’s best for you?

Tax credits and tax deductions both work to lower your overall tax bill. A tax credit is a direct dollar amount that you receive as a discount on your actual tax bill. There are two main types of tax deductions that you can claim - a standard deduction or an itemized deduction.

Maximizing Tax Benefits: Earned Income Credit Explained

Tax Benefits for summer expenses

Maximizing Tax Benefits for Summer Expenses



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