Apps like Empower – Top 12 Best Alternatives for Empower

Explore alternatives to Empower. Uncover a wealth of options that can enhance your financial status. Learn what suits your needs and meets your requirements best with Beem.
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Apps like Empower – Top 12 Best Alternatives for Empower
Empower is an online wealth management company, offering a range of financial tools and calculators to help individuals budget, analyze their investment portfolios, and create a solid financial plan. However, it may not be able to meet the needs of millions of underserved people. That is why we have put together a lost of alternatives to Empower.
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The financial landscape is vast, and the needs of individuals and investors vary widely. This diversity in financial goals and preferences has given rise to many Empower alternatives, each catering to specific needs and requirements.

In this guide, we embark on a journey to explore these Empower alternatives, uncovering a wealth of options that can empower your financial endeavors.

Whether you’re seeking budgeting assistance, portfolio analysis, or personalized wealth management services, these alternatives offer diverse capabilities to help you attain your financial goals without being tied to a single platform.

Top 12 Apps like Empower – Best Alternatives

1. Beem

Apps like Empower - Beem

Beem offers versatile financial solutions, including money transfers to anyone, and simplified tax filing. Its Better Financial Feed prevents overdrafts, provides budget planning tools, and offers personalized financial insights.

Apps like Empower – Beem

Beem, the best alternative app to instant cash advance, also helps monitor and grow credit scores, enhancing opportunities for rentals, leases, loans, and more.

Play store ratings:

3.9 star

14.9K reviews


Apple store ratings:

4.3 • 21.3K Ratings

2. Dave 

Apps like Empower - Dave

Dave is known for helping users manage their finances. He does this by offering advance paychecks up to $100 with no interest. It also provides alerts on upcoming bills and possible overdraft risks. These alerts help manage financial health better.

Apps like Empower - Dave

Key Features:

  • Up to $100 advance with zero interest.
  • Budgeting tools and automatic alerts for low balance.
  • Helps avoid overdraft fees.

3. Earnin 

Apps like Empower - earnin

Earnin allows workers to access their pay before payday. It provides up to $500 of the earned wages per pay period. And, it does so without mandatory fees or interest. This app is ideal for those looking to manage cash flow between paychecks.

Apps like Empower - Earnin

Key Features:

  • Access earned wages early.
  • No mandatory fees or interest.
  • Simple payback process through paycheck deduction.

4. Chime 

Apps like Empower - chime

Chime is a fintech app. It offers no-fee checking and savings accounts, and a secured credit card. They are all aimed at improving financial habits. Chime users can receive their paycheck up to two days early with direct deposit. Notably, Chime is accepted by 8 payday loan providers, adding to the convenience and accessibility of financial options for its users

Apps like Empower - chime

Key Features:

  • Early direct deposit.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Automatic savings features.

5. MoneyLion

Apps like Empower - moneylion

MoneyLion is a multifunctional personal finance app that combines banking, borrowing, and investing. Users can get cash advances, build credit, and access managed investment portfolios.

Apps like Empower - Moneylion

Key Features:

  • Integrated banking, investing, and loan services.
  • Cash advances and credit builder loans.
  • Managed investments and financial tracking.

6. FloatMe 

Apps like Empower - floatme

FloatMe helps users manage their finances. It offers insights into spending habits. It also provides small cash advances to cover expenses until the next payday. There are few apps like floatme such as Beem, Klover, Brigit which offer better features than floatme, you can try it out.

Apps like Empower - floatme

Key Features:

  • Small cash advances.
  • Financial insights and spending alerts.
  • Helps avoid overdraft fees.

7. Cleo

Apps like Empower - cleo

Cleo is a fun financial assistant. It uses AI to analyze spending habits, help with budgeting, and give cash advances for emergencies.

Apps like Empower - cleo

Key Features:

  • AI-driven financial insights.
  • Interactive budgeting and saving tools.
  • Emergency cash advances with Cleo Cover.

8. PayActiv

Apps like Empower - payactiv

PayActiv specializes in earned wage access. It allows employees to access their earned wages before payday. They can do so without interest. This helps to reduce financial stress.

Apps like Empower - payactiv

Key Features:

  • Earned wage access before payday.
  • Bill pay services and savings tools.
  • Financial counseling.

9. ONE@Work

Apps like Empower ONE@Work

Even provides a planning service. It helps employees with budgeting, saving, and getting access to earned wages early. It’s integrated with many payroll systems. This makes it easy for users to plan their spending and savings.

Apps like Empower - ONE@Work

Key Features:

  • Instant access to earned wages.
  • Integrated budgeting tools.
  • Partnerships with major employers for seamless integration.

10. Current 

Apps like Empower - current

Current is a mobile banking app. It offers fast features like quick direct deposits and instant spending notifications. It also offers banking services for modern financial needs like instant cash. there are also several cash advance app used along with the Current that you can try.

Apps like Empower - current

Key Features:

  • Rapid direct deposits.
  • No minimum balance or overdraft fees.
  • Earning points for purchases.

11. Aspiration

Apps like Empower - aspiration

Established in 2013, Aspiration is a socially responsible financial institution offering modern banking and investment alternatives focusing on sustainability.

Apps like Empower – Aspiration

Like Aspiration Spend & Save, their cash management accounts combine checking and savings features with a low $10 minimum deposit. Customers can choose their monthly fee, with the basic plan offering a competitive 3.00% APY on the initial $10,000 in savings and cashback rewards.

Aspiration Plus, a subscription service, provides even higher interest rates and increased cashback rewards for a monthly fee, catering to those seeking greater earning potential.

Play store ratings:


14.6T reviews


Apple store ratings:

4.7 • 29.5K Ratings

12. Brigit 

Apps like Empower - brigit

Brigit offers a proactive way to manage personal finances. It has features to prevent overdrafts and provide cash advances of up to $250. This app helps users budget for upcoming expenses. It sends alerts if their balance is low.

Apps like Empower - brigit

Key Features:

  • Budget assistance and financial insights.
  • No interest cash advances up to $250.
  • Overdraft predictions to prevent fees.


Diversity plays a poignant role in the dynamic landscape of online wealth management and financial empowerment. While Empower has been a choice for many, the financial world offers various solutions tailored to individual needs.

The alternatives in this guide present diverse options, each catering to specific financial requirements. Assess your unique financial situation, goals, and aspirations to discover the ideal alternative aligning with your vision of financial empowerment.

One key alternative to consider is Beem. Whether you seek free financial tools for budget control or personalized wealth management to grow investments, Beem offers numerous possibilities.

Get financial insights based on your transaction history, customized money experiences, cashback on spends, free tax filing, affordable car insurance, the best quotes on personal loans and high-yield savings accounts, and more.

Ultimately, the power to shape your financial future lies in your hands. Explore these alternatives, diversify your financial strategy, and confidently steer your financial journey.

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