Apps like Earnin – Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin

The Beem guide will introduce you to 20 alternatives, empowering you to navigate cash flow challenges. Let’s embark on a journey to financial stability, finding the ideal solution for your needs.
Earnin Alternatives
Apps like Earnin – Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin
Earnin is just one of the many early payment apps, and there are better options for your needs. Take a moment to explore the Beem guide; you will find the right solutions that will meet your financial needs and goals.
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In a world where 80% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck, saving money can seem like a distant dream, even for six-figure earners. When bills come due before payday, anxiety sets in. Enter Earnin and similar apps, offering a financial lifeline.

While not entirely free, the small fees are preferable to going without essentials. However, Earnin is just one of many early payment apps, and better options exist.

This Beem guide will introduce you to 20 alternatives, empowering you to navigate cash flow challenges. Let’s embark on a journey to financial stability, finding the ideal solution for your needs.

BeemPossible FinanceDave
BranchRainy Day LendingYotta
(Table showing the best 20 alternatives to earnin)

20 Apps Like Earnin – Best Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to Earnin in the market regarding financial aid. As many as 20 solid options await you, including Beem, Vola, DailyPay, MoneyLion, and many more. Every app offers unique features and benefits to help you bridge the financial gap between paychecks.

Take a moment to explore this list; you will find the right solutions that will meet your financial needs and goals.

#Apps Like EarninFeaturesFeesCash Advance / Loan LimitAvailability
1BeemAccess to earned wages without interest; small transaction feeSmall transaction fee$5 to $1000Dependent on employer participation
2VolaCash advances up to $300; Vola Score benefitsMonthly fee starting at $4.99Up to $300Requires $150 average balance
3DailyPayIntegrates with company payroll; early access to earned wages$1.99 fee per transactionAccess to earned wagesPartnerships with employers
4MoneyLionLoans up to $1,000; aids credit improvement$19.99 monthly membershipUp to $1,000Requires membership
5BranchLoans up to 48 weeks; operates in specific countriesNo late or rollover fees; monthly interest ratesVariesIndia, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria
6FlexWageAccess to one-time compensations; prepaid debit cardN/AAccess to earned wagesDepends on employer partnership
7PayActivAccess to earned wages; financial services like bill paymentsUp to $5 fee without direct depositUp to $1,000Limited to participating employers
8Possible FinanceShort-term loans with credit reportingAPRs 150%-200%Up to $500N/A
9BrigitCash advances up to $250; financial insights$9.99 monthly for Plus planUp to $250Basic plan available with limited features
10CleoCash advances with humor and financial management$5.99/month for Plus; $14.99/month for Builder$20 to $100iPhone users only
11VaroDigital banking with cash advancesFees vary by advance amountUp to $100Requires $1,000 in direct deposits
12Rainy Day LendingConnects borrowers with lenders for loans up to $50,000VariableUp to $50,000Nationwide, variable interest rates
13ChimeEarly paycheck access; no-fee checking and savings accountsNo monthly fees or overdraft chargesN/AN/A
14EmpowerCash advances up to $250; credit improvement tools$8 monthly after 14-day trialUp to $250Requires subscription
15DaveCash advances up to $100; budgeting tools$1 monthlyUp to $100iPhone users; reports rent payments
16SoFiPersonal loans up to $100,000; financial planning servicesNo fees, but credit check requiredUp to $100,000Requires credit check
17AlbertFinancial wellness; savings and budgetingN/AN/AN/A
18CurrentBanking for teens and young adults; financial literacyN/AN/ATeens and young adults
19YottaSavings with a lottery elementN/AN/AN/A
20ZirtueLend and borrow money with friends and familyN/AN/AN/A

1. Beem

apps like earnin - beem
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 23

Beem, the best alternative app to instant cash advance, is a financial wellness platform designed to help users access their earned wages before their regular payday. It allows employees to access some of their earned but unpaid wages, reducing financial stress.

Beem doesn’t charge interest or fees but a small transaction fee when users access their earned wages early. While it offers financial flexibility, it may only be available to some employees, depending on their employers’ participation.

Earnin Alternatives 2 1024x576 1
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 24

2. Vola

apps like earnin - vola
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 25

Vola provides cash advances up to $300 with a quick processing time. It doesn’t mandate regular direct deposits but requires an average balance of $150. However, a monthly enrollment fee, starting at $4.99, is necessary, though specific fee details must be more transparent. Vola Score, ranging from 0 to 100, offers benefits based on your score.

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3. Daily Pay

apps like earnin - dailypay
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 26

DailyPay streamlines the payday process by partnering with companies and integrating with their payroll systems, granting employees early access to their earned wages. Users accumulate an “Available Balance” daily and can request it at any time, albeit for a $1.99 fee, making it cost-effective for occasional users. DailyPay doesn’t charge interest since it simply provides what users have earned.

4. MoneyLion

apps like earnin - moneylion
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 27

MoneyLion offers loans up to $1,000 with flexible one-year terms, even for applicants with poor credit. Repayments are reported to credit bureaus, aiding credit score improvement. However, it requires a $19.99 monthly membership fee, which is included in the APR, offering potential savings.

5. Branch

apps like earnin - branch
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 28

The Branch is a financial platform offering loans with a unique focus on users in India, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. It provides loans of up to 48 weeks with monthly interest rates but no late or rollover fees. However, it’s unavailable in the US or Europe, limiting its accessibility. While Branch simplifies loan applications via smartphones, it may not be the most cost-effective option compared to other alternatives.

6. FlexWage

apps like earnin - flexwage
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 29

FlexWage offers a unique array of services centered around partnerships with employers. Notably, it provides access to one-time compensations like tips and bonuses through its Flex Pay service. Additionally, users can benefit from the FlexWage Pay Card, a prepaid debit card that grants immediate access to earnings.

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7. PayActiv

apps like earnin - payactiv
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 30

PayActiv provides access to earned wages, offering up to $1,000 with direct deposit. It also offers financial services like prescription discounts, bill payments, and savings contributions. Limited to users whose employers offer it, with a possible $5 fee without direct deposit. Highly rated for employee benefits.

8. Possible Finance

apps like earnin - possible finance
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 31

Possible Finance is a financial platform offering short-term loans of up to $500 with repayment terms of up to 8 weeks. Unlike traditional payday loans, Possible Finance reports to major credit bureaus, allowing users to enhance their credit scores. The platform’s APRs range from 150% to 200%, while high, are typically lower than conventional payday loan rates or overdraft fees.

9. Brigit

apps like earnin - brigit
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 32

Brigit is a financial app offering cash advances of up to $250, relieving short-term financial challenges. Users can access instant transfers, automatic overdraft protection, early and late paybacks, and insights into their earnings through the paid Plus plan priced at $9.99 monthly. While the basic plan offers up to $250 with no monthly fees, its features are more limited.

10. Cleo

apps like earnin - cleo
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 33

Apps like Cleo is a witty financial companion who employs humor to manage spending and savings. It offers cash advances from $20 to $100 with flexible repayment and no interest. Access requires a subscription to Cleo Plus at $5.99/month or Cleo Builder at $14.99/month, with cashback rewards in the premium plan. Exclusive to iPhone users.

11. Varo

apps like earnin varo
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 34

Varo, a digital bank similar to Chime, offers services like debit cards, high-yield savings accounts, extensive ATMs, and cash advances. Varo Advance allows access to up to $100, with fees varying based on the advance amount. Qualification requires an active Varo debit card and at least $1,000 in recent direct deposits. It offers a 15 to 30-day repayment window.

12. Rainy Day Lending

apps like earnin - rainy day lending
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 35

Rainy Day Lending connects borrowers with lenders nationwide, offering access to loans up to $50,000 with variable terms. Acting as a middleman, it matches borrowers with lenders, making interest rates uncertain. Borrowing is possible regardless of credit score, but those with poor credit may face higher interest rates. While it offers term flexibility, the process may take longer than using dedicated loan apps like Vola.

13. Chime

apps like earnin - chime
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 36

Chime is a popular mobile banking app known for its early access to paychecks. With Chime, users can receive their pay up to two days earlier than traditional banks. It offers a range of features, including a no-fee checking account, a savings account, and a Visa debit card.

While Chime is fee-friendly with no monthly fees or overdraft charges, its ATM network is limited, and it doesn’t provide cash advances, which some similar apps offer.

14. Empower

apps like earnin - empower
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 37

Empower aids users in credit improvement and offers cash advances up to $250 without credit checks or late fees. It features an instant payment system with no interest charges on timely repayments.

Empower also provides a debit card account with various benefits but requires an $8 monthly subscription after a 14-day free trial to access its tools.

15. Dave

apps like earnin - dave
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 38

Dave is a financial app providing cash advances up to $100, aiding users in avoiding overdraft fees. It follows a no-interest model and offers budgeting tools.

Dave’s monthly subscription fee is $1, and it reports rent payments to credit bureaus for credit score improvement. It’s exclusive to iPhone users with a $100 maximum cash advance limit.

16. SoFi

apps like earnin - sofi
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 39

SoFi is a versatile financial platform offering personal loans up to $100,000 with competitive rates and no fees. It features a user-friendly app, career counseling, and financial planning services. However, a credit check is required for loans, limiting accessibility. Investment services come with risks, requiring users to exercise caution.

17. Albert

apps like earnin - albert
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 40

Albert is a financial app that helps users save money by assessing their spending habits and finding opportunities to cut costs. It also offers automatic savings and budgeting features, making it easier to achieve financial goals. While it’s not a direct payday advance app, it promotes financial wellness and smarter money management.

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18. Current

apps like earnin - current
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 41

The Current app is a mobile banking platform for teens and young adults. It offers a range of features, including a debit card, a savings account, and the ability to send and receive money.

Current promotes financial literacy and independence for its users, making it a valuable tool for young individuals to manage their finances.

19. Yotta

apps like earnin - yotta
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 42

Yotta is a unique savings app that combines saving money with the excitement of a lottery. Users deposit money into a savings account, and each deposit earns them tickets for a weekly lottery with cash prizes. It’s a fun way to encourage saving while allowing users to win big.

20. Zirtue

apps like earnin - zirute
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 43

Zirtue is a financial app that helps users lend and borrow money from friends and family while keeping track of repayment. It has facilitated over $4 million in loans since its launch, with an average size of $820. Users appreciate the app’s simplicity and the ability to maintain financial relationships with loved ones.

Earnin Alternatives 3 1024x576 1
Apps like Earnin - Top 20 Best Alternatives for Earnin 44


In a world where financial stability often feels out of reach, the search for alternatives to Earnin has illuminated a path to financial empowerment.

With 20 diverse options at your fingertips, including Beem, Vola, DailyPay, and MoneyLion, there’s no shortage of tools to help you navigate the challenges of living paycheck to paycheck.

Whether accessing earned wages early, managing expenses, or improving credit, these alternatives offer a lifeline toward greater financial resilience and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I qualify for early wage access?

To qualify for early wage access, most apps require regular activity in your account and a minimum average balance, typically around $150.

Q. Are there any interest charges or hidden fees?

Many apps do not charge interest, but some may have transaction fees or monthly subscription costs.

Q. Can I improve my credit score with these apps?

Some apps, like Dave, offer credit-building features by reporting rent payments to major credit bureaus, helping you enhance your credit score over time.

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