How to Make an International Money Transfer: Easy Steps

There is power in going cashless and that’s why it’s important to get on the trend across the globe and move your money transfer online. There are plenty of other options available from your regular bank transfers.
How to Make an International Money Transfer: Easy Steps
Sending money online internationally has become very easy with a variety of options available. Most payment methods cover countries across the globe ranging from emerging countries to developed ones. The payment charges for transfer range from $1 to $5. It can be more depending on the institution you choose.
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Banks aren’t the only place where you will find ways to make an international transfer of money. There are also some accredited money transfer companies that allow international transfer quickly and at a considerably lower cost too.

You must know by now that there is power in going cashless and that’s why it’s important to get on the trend across the globe and move your money transfer online. There are plenty of other options available from your regular bank transfers.

Here is a list of some of the most reliable international money transfer companies.

Western Union

This company is an eccentric one as it provides the best in-person transfer services along with countries that are not included in the service criteria of others.

Countries covered from the U.S.A- A staggering 200 countries along with 550,000 locations.

Transfer fee- Usually the mark-up rate of Western Union is moderate and stands somewhere around 1% to 6%. The fee for transactions over $1000 is under $5.

Timeline for the transfer- With Western Union, you have the option to transfer money on the same day by using a debit or credit card. Though one thing that comes with this faster transfer facility is a higher cost. If you are looking for a way to cut down on transfer costs then the company will need the bank details of both parties and this usually takes over a week to complete.

Limits and alternatives- The Western Union covers a plethora of countries, and the transfer limits vary country-wise. For instance, $50,000 to India and $5000 to Mexico.

Customer service- They have 24/7 dedicated live support for the customers. However, the website is complex to navigate through.


If you are looking for rapid delivery and in-person transfers, this is your best bet.

Countries covered from the U.S.A- 530,000 locations with over 200 countries.

Transfer fee- The fee for Moneygram is on the higher side. When the bank transfers the fee upfront, this fee is low. However, if you want to go the other way, it will be expensive. The rate mark-ups of Moneygram can go over 3%.

Timeline for the transfer- The time depends upon several factors including the mode of transfer that you choose, the banking hours, and more.

Limits and alternatives- You can only transfer up to $10,000 every month. If you don’t have a bank account then you can submit funds in cash, and the recipient can pick it up. It also has a web application where you can easily transfer money through cards and bank accounts.

Customer service- The mobile application has impeccable reviews. They provide 24/7 live chat and e-mail support. You can easily find all the needed info. Online.


Xoom provides rapid delivery and an immaculate web experience to the customers.

Countries covered from the U.S.A.- Covers over 120 countries

Transfer fee- If you use a debit or credit card, the fee will be under $5. However, the exchange rate markups can hike over 3%. It is still relatively less expensive when compared to banks’ international wire transfers.

Timeline for transfers- The transfer reaches the recipient within minutes regardless of the method used. The factors like banking hours or time zone can influence over time.

Limits and alternatives- Xoom also provides cash pickup at supermarkets and various other locations. The cap per individual is $50,000. Since Xoom is owned by PayPal, you can send money through PayPal, debit and credit cards, and bank accounts.

Customer service- 24/7 support that is available in various languages to make it easier for the global customer base to address their grievances. It has a compatible mobile application. Its online platform provides clear FAQs along with cost calculators for ease.


Suitable if you are looking for low-cost transfers. 

Countries covered from the U.S.A.- Operates in 80 countries.

Transfer fee- No matter what amount you send, you will not have to pay any transfer fee. The exchange rate markups are lower than 1%, which makes it a superior choice.

Timeline for transfers- The process can take around 4-5 days to conclude. The reason being, the bank will receive your money in 1-2 days, then the money will be transferred to the recipient in another 2 days. The destination also has a strong influence in deciding the speed of transfer.

Limits and alternatives-  Minimum limit is $1000 while the maximum limit has not been set yet. Transfers cannot be made in person, the only method is to send money through bank accounts.

 Customer service- 24/7 live chat support however the online website still lacks in some spheres. Sending money can be a tedious start if you will not be familiar with the foreign exchange market jargon. There is also the obligation to register if you want to see the exchange rates. 


Affordable costs with good web experience.

Countries covered from the U.S.A- 70 countries are covered. 

Transfer fee- It is a very cheap medium as compared to others. The exchange rates are high, and the upfront fee is considerably low; it stands below 1% of the transferred amount.

Timeline for transfers- If you want to send money quickly using a debit card or credit card, this is the best option. If you choose to transfer through a bank account, then it will take at least 3 business days for the process to complete.

Limits and alternatives- If you are looking to send large amounts of money then this is a suitable choice as the limit for the transactions is $1 Million, the condition being that you use wire transfer. You can use a debit card, credit card, direct debit, Apple pay, or bank account to transfer money.

Customer service-  You can only reach customer service on the weekdays. However, their web application seems to satisfy the users and it also has a FAQ section that is very easy to find.

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