How to Send Money to Bexar County Inmates

Sending money to convicts in Bexar County requires understanding various choices, ranging from online services like Access SecurePak and JailATM to classic ways like money orders. Recognize the significance of exact information for a seamless transaction, allowing individuals to touch the lives of jailed individuals in Bexar County positively.
How to send money to Baxter County inmates
How to Send Money to Bexar County Inmates
Learn how to transfer money to Bexar County inmates via digital means like Access SecurePak, JailATM and traditional ways like money orders. The key to establishing a secure and effective operation is correct information.
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Inmates in Bexar County can receive money as quickly as sending a check, but it requires a clear understanding of the available options and procedures. Everyone needs to understand the process associated with this transaction, whether they are a friend or family member supporting their loved one during their confinement or a concerned citizen seeking to contribute to the well-being of those in custody. How to send money to Baxter County inmates? Let’s learn how to send money in detail to ensure a smooth transaction. You can transfer funds to anyone using your Beem or EverdraftTM balance.

The Options for Sending Money to Bexar County Inmates

You have several options for sending money to inmates in Bexar County in this section:

Online Money Transfer Services – E.g.: Access SecurePak

Inmates in Bexar County can now send funds online through money transfer services. Financial contributions can be made conveniently and securely through platforms like Access SecurePak. Users can deposit money directly into an inmate’s account by creating an account on Access SecurePak, facilitating ease of access and ensuring a timely transfer. The user-friendly interface of these services provides an efficient and transparent transaction process.


JailATM is another great option for sending money to inmates in Bexar County. The platform offers a secure channel for family and friends to support correctional facilities financially. Inmates can fund their jailATM accounts for various purposes, including commissary purchases and communication expenses.

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks

If you prefer more traditional methods, money orders and cashier’s checks are still available. A bank, a post office, or another authorized vendor can sell these physical forms of payment. 

Individuals need to follow the correctional facility’s specific guidelines when using this method. 

These include the inmate’s full name, jail ID, booking number, and date of birth on the payment. If you prefer or are more accustomed to non-digital ways of conducting financial transactions, this method may be a better alternative to online transfers.

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How to Send Money to a Bexar County Inmate via Access SecurePak

Let’s see how you can send money to a Bexar County inmate via Access SecurePak:

Creating an Account

You must register on Access SecurePak’s website and provide accurate details, including a valid US address.

Providing Inmate Information

Ensure the inmate’s full name, jail ID, and booking number are entered accurately.

Selecting Payment Method

You can pay using credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, or electronic fund transfers, ensuring compliance with Access SecurePak’s guidelines. To ensure a smooth transaction, double-check details before finalizing.

Using JailATM to Send Money to a Bexar County Inmate

Here are the steps that you have to follow to send money to a Bexar County Inmate through JailATM: 

Registering for JailATM

To initiate the process, start by registering on the JailATM platform. Navigate to the JailATM website and follow the step-by-step instructions, providing the required personal information for account setup.

Funding Your JailATM Account

After registering, fund your JailATM account with your preferred payment method. You must have the balance to transfer funds efficiently to the inmate.

Transferring Money to an Inmate

JailATM allows you to access inmate details, such as their full name and booking number/jail ID, and transfer funds securely. Confirm the transaction details before finalizing your transfer and specify the amount. Bexar County inmates benefit from JailATM’s convenient and controlled support.

Sending Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks to a Bexar County Inmate

Here are the steps that you have to follow to send money to a Bexar County Inmate through a money order or cashier: 

Obtaining a Money Order or Cashier’s Check

Acquire a money order or cashier’s check from a bank, post office, or an authorized vendor. Ensure it is made payable to the inmate, adhering to specific guidelines provided by the correctional facility.

Completing Payment Information

Fill out the payment information on the money order or cashier’s check, including the inmate’s full name, jail ID/booking number, and date of birth. Accuracy is essential to facilitate the correct allocation of funds.

Mailing the Payment

Inmate funds are deposited at the Inmate Trust Fund, typically via money order or cashier’s check. Ensure you include the sender’s name and address so the message can be processed correctly.

Using JailATM or traditional payment methods, you can efficiently send money to a Bexar County inmate, ensuring a secure and efficient process.


There are various ways to send money to an inmate in Bexar County, each catering to individual preferences and circumstances. The key lies in precise information and adhering to specific guidelines, whether online platforms like Access SecurePak and JailATM or traditional methods like money orders and cashier’s checks. By understanding these diverse options, individuals are empowered to make informed decisions, ultimately positively impacting the lives of incarcerated inmates in Bexar County during confinement. You can try Beem or EverdraftTM balance to transfer or receive money from anyone.

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