How to Send Money to Clayton County Inmates

Learn how to send money to Clayton County inmates using various techniques, from classic alternatives like money orders to electronic payments through programs like NCIC. The piece provides step-by-step instructions for safe and adequate financial assistance. Examine various digital platforms and traditional approaches for assisting Clayton County inmates.
How to send money to Clayton County inmates
How to Send Money to Clayton County Inmates
Sending money to Clayton County inmates is easier with this thorough guide, which covers traditional techniques such as money orders and digital payments through services like NCIC. The blog underlines the necessity of recognizing various secure digital methods.
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Helping a loved one in Clayton County by sending money is an excellent way to provide support and comfort. If this is your first time, sending money to an inmate may seem confusing. How to send money to Clayton County inmates? Our guide will walk you through the steps necessary to send money to an inmate at Clayton County Prison. Download the Beem app for a 100% safe and secure money transfer.

Options for Sending Money to Clayton County Inmates

Sending money to an inmate in Clayton County can be done using traditional payment methods such as money orders. It is also possible to make electronic payments at Clayton County Prison. The following services allow you to send electronic payments:

  • Securus Payments
  • JPay
  • Global Tel-Link Payments

Online Money Transfer Services – Eg: NCIC (National Correctional Industry Corporation)

NCIC provides Communications Services to the Corrections Industry and Law Enforcement agencies. Whenever you miss a call from NCIC, someone from one of the correctional facilities will try to reach you. Funds must be added to your account before you can receive calls.

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks

Inmates usually receive money orders or cashier’s checks made payable to them, with their full name and identification number included, mailed to the correctional facility’s address. This method will take longer than online transfers, as it relies on postal services. Still, it provides a reliable and traceable means of providing financial support to inmates.

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Sending Money to a Clayton County Inmate through NCIC

Inmates can purchase stationery supplies, snacks, and personal hygiene products from the jail store with commissary funds. To make outside phone calls to family and friends, inmates can use their accounts to purchase phone time credits or prepaid phone cards. One can use the NCIC website to send funds easily. Here are steps one can follow. 

Creating an Account

You must first create an account. You can log in to this account anytime, but you must add money to the inmate’s account first. It is a simple process that can be completed remotely. 

Providing Inmate Information

Please enter your city, state, country, or phone number. A search of the inmate’s last call to your number is performed to locate the inmate’s record. If you want to find a jail in a particular state or country, select it from a drop-down list.

Selecting Payment Method

Adding a payment method is the next step. Debit or credit cards can add money to an inmate’s account. 

Sending Money to a Clayton County Inmate via Phone

Inmates can call authorized phone numbers by adding funds to their Prepaid Collect Accounts. Inmates can access their phone accounts directly and call any number they choose.

Calling NCIC

This feature is available on the NCIC website, where you can create a prepaid account for calling the inmate, and they can call a number approved by the account holder. 

Providing Required Information

It requires inmate details and timely payments. Inmates can only use Prepaid collect accounts to call numbers. 

Making Payment

Ensure inmates can access calls by making regular payments to the account holder. The Inmate Trust Account is essentially a bank account for the detainee and is used to purchase snacks, personal care products, postage, and other items. All benefits are paid for by the account holder who manages all such accounts. 

Mailing Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks to a Clayton County Inmate

Money orders must be made payable to the inmate and include his GDC ID number. The envelope should contain:

  • His name.
  • GDC ID number.
  • Dorm number.
  • The prison’s mailing address.
  • The sender’s full return address.

Obtaining a Money Order or Cashier’s Check

Inmates can only receive funds from people on their approved visitation lists. A money order or cashier’s check must be used to mail the funds to the inmate. A refund will be issued if the cash, personal check, or money order can’t be identified.

Making the Payment

It is a traditional form of payment and cannot be done remotely. It is mainly done using cash. This payment requires all details about the inmate, and the receipt must be mailed to the jail. 

Mailing the Payment

This payment process ends with the mailing of the payment receipt. As a result, the account would reach the inmate unless it was returned to the sender. Use a trackable mailing service, and keep the receipt for your records.


Supporting an inmate in Clayton County requires understanding the various methods for sending money. Different financial assistance methods are available to inmates, including online payment systems like JPay or JailATM and traditional methods such as money orders and cashier’s checks. A recipient’s financial assistance can only be received with these components. It streamlines the process of supporting prisoners, making it safe and efficient for individuals to navigate. You may also use the Beem app to send funds to your linked bank account(s) or debit card(s).

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