How to Send Money to Inmates in West Virginia

Sending money to inmates can help them live a better quality of life while in jail. Let’s explore how to send money to inmates in West Virginia.
How to send money to inmates in West Virginia
How to Send Money to Inmates in West Virginia
Online money transfer services have streamlined sending funds to inmates. This blog helps you zero in on how to send money to inmates in West Virginia.
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Using the Trust Fund service, one can deposit money directly into an inmate’s commissary account. The inmate can then use these funds, like cash, to make purchases at the commissary at their facility. With the Trust Fund service, your incarcerated loved ones can stay connected and adjust to life at their facility more efficiently than ever. This guide will help you understand how to send money to inmates in West Virginia and decide which methods are best for you. 

Understanding the Options for Sending Money to West Virginia Inmates

Online money transfer services have streamlined sending funds to West Virginia inmates. Platforms like Access SecurePak and ConnectNetwork offer a convenient and secure way to make financial contributions.

Online Money Transfer Services – Eg: ConnectNetwork

One must first set up an account on ConnectNetwork’s official website. Then, after inputting all details related to inmates, you can make a payment. It is an easy and remote process. 

Kiosk Money Transfer

Kiosk money transfers are available at various locations and are accessible 24/7. They accept multiple forms of payments and can transfer funds directly to the inmate’s account. 

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks

These physical forms of payment can be purchased from banks, post offices, or other authorized vendors. Individuals must ensure the money order or cashier’s check is made payable to the inmate, following specific guidelines provided by the correctional facility.

You can also send money to an inmate in West Virginia from your Beem or Everdraft balance, debit card, or bank account.

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Sending Money to a West Virginia Inmate through ConnectNetwork

Here are simple steps to follow when one sends money using ConnectNetwork.

Creating an Account

The first step is to create an account on ConnectNetwork’s official website. You must log in every time you send funds to the inmate, and an account ensures your identity. 

Providing Inmate Information

One must fill in the inmate details accurately. About the state, correction facility, identification number, and many other things to ensure the payment is filled in the correct inmate’s account. 

Selecting Payment Method

Once you have created a ConnectNetwork account and selected a facility and inmate to add, you can deposit money into their Trust Fund (commissary) account anytime. Generally, deposits between $10 and $100 are accepted. 

Using Kiosk Money Transfer to Send Money to a West Virginia Inmate

Let us learn about using a kiosk to transfer money to an inmate’s trust fund in West Virginia. 

Locating a Kiosk

The lobby kiosks are easy to locate and are available 24/7. They are easily visible and located in the lobby, so everyone can always access them.

Entering Inmate Information

The most essential part of sending money using a kiosk is inputting inmates’ details correctly. The inmate’s name and address of the correctional facility, especially the account details of the trust fund, must be put carefully. 

Making Payment

The last step is to make a payment. Some kiosks only accept visas and MasterCard. Depending on location, one can make payment using cash, debit, or credit card. 

Mailing Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks to a West Virginia Inmate

Money can be sent to the trust account of an incarcerated individual by friends and family. The funds in the trust account may be used to pay restitution and community corrections. 

Obtaining a Money Order or Cashier’s Check

A cashier’s check or money order is the least expensive way to send money to incarcerated individuals. Cash, personal checks, and stamps should be kept from being sent. You will be charged for returning the mail to the individual if it is rejected.

Completing Payment Information

Your cashier’s check or money order must indicate the sub-account you are depositing money. The payee line should include the incarcerated individual’s full name and six-digit DOC number.

Addressing and Mailing the Payment

To ensure that the inmate receives payment, the account holder must send the receipt of the mail order to the inmate. The mail must include the things mentioned below. Addressing the outside envelope requires the full name of the incarcerated individual, their six-digit DOC number, the facility address where they are incarcerated, and a return address.

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Understanding how to send money to inmates in West Virginia can help you make their lives easier on the inside. ConnectNetwork offers several ways to help inmates, including sending them money, funding entertainment and educational content, or making payments. 

Inmates can purchase various services through their inmate account, such as premium tablet content and messaging. Each facility determines services. Getting started with any of these services is as simple as setting up a ConnectNetwork account. Check whether these services are available at your inmate’s facility.

Remember, Beem is a reliable name in online money transfer options. Beem is PCI-DSS certified, which means we use gold-standard security systems to prevent data leaks while sending money online. 

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