Nevada State Income Tax: Rates and Who Pays in 2023-2024

Did you know Nevada is among the few states in the United States with no income tax. While other taxes continue to apply, efficient guidance, credits, deductions, and additional benefits, can help you in reducing the amount of tax you pay in Nevada. Let’s explore more!
Nevada State Income Tax
Nevada State Income Tax: Rates and Who Pays in 2023-2024
While a number of other taxes apply to residents and non-residents in Nevada, but no income tax makes Nevada a tax-friendly state. This blog will explain the necessary details about Nevada State Income Tax and other applicable taxes.
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Nevada is among the few states in the United States with no income tax. Most new residents are attracted to this state as it offers gambling, nightlife, landscapes, and lower taxes with no-income taxes. However, other taxes still apply to residents and non-residents in Nevada, but no income tax makes Nevada a tax-friendly state.

This article will explain the necessary details about Nevada State Income Tax and other applicable taxes. With efficient guidance, credits, deductions, and additional benefits, you can ensure a reduction in taxes you pay in Nevada. Furthermore, use Beem to get a quick and accurate estimate of your federal and state taxes and get the maximum refund.

Does Nevada have State Income Tax?

There is no state income tax in Nevada. It is among the nine states in the United States that do not charge income taxes on individuals. Other states include:

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • New Hampshire
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

Corporate Income Tax

Nevada does not have a corporate income tax.

Property Tax

Local governments are responsible for assessing and collecting property taxes in Nevada. Every time a real estate transaction occurs, the state collects a transfer tax. Fractional charges are also applied to properties that are valued over $100. Each $500 property value is subject to a tax of $1.95, making the effective tax rate in Nevada 0.48% on average. 

As a result, the average property owner pays about 0.48% of their home’s value in property taxes each year. State property taxes have a few exceptions. It does not take effect in certain situations, such as a divorce where a property title is distributed between ex-spouses or a name change in which the ownership is not changed.

Inheritance Tax

No inheritance tax is charged in Nevada.

Estate Tax

As of December 31, 2004, the state no longer requires estate tax filings.

Nevada Cigarette Tax

According to IGEN, Nevada collects the 25th highest cigarette tax in the country. A tax of 9 cents per cigarette on tobacco products makes a tax of $1.80 on a pack of 20 cigarettes.

Nevada Alcohol Tax

The Nevada excise tax on alcohol is based on the alcoholic content they serve. There is a tax of 70 cents per gallon on wine, 16 cents on beer, and $3.60 on liquor per gallon. These rates of excise tax are still subject to sales tax.

Nevada Gas Tax

You must pay the Nevada gas tax whether driving through the state or living there permanently. Gasoline costs 23 cents per gallon. An average car weighing 25 miles per gallon and traveling 15,000 miles yearly would be subject to this tax. The diesel tax is slightly higher at 27 cents per gallon.

Nevada State Income Tax – How much will the income after tax in Nevada with Filing Status

Annual IncomeFiling Status –
Filing Status –
Married Filing Jointly
Filing Status –
Head of Household

Nevada State Income Tax Rates and Tax brackets

Nevada does not charge any state income tax on individuals. Due to this, there are no state income tax rates and tax brackets for the residents. Also, the state does not charge any form of corporate tax. The only tax present in the state is the sales tax. Other than that, the federal taxes apply to each state. It makes Nevada one of the most tax-friendly states.  

What is Nevada’s Standard Deduction?

Standard Deductions are a few benefits the government offers to benefit people on the income tax they pay. Nevada does not imply any income tax; hence, there is no such benefit available. There are a few other benefits and credits applicable to the taxes they pay, but the standard deduction is only applied to income tax. 

How to Calculate Nevada State Tax

As we have discussed earlier, Nevada does not charge any Income tax. However, other taxes make it wise to calculate taxes accurately. Nevada is considered one of the most tax-friendly states in the country. Taxes on casinos and hotels, as well as “sin” taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, account for most of the state’s revenue.

The Silver State has a lower average property tax rate than the national average despite having one of the highest combined state and local sales tax rates. You can use a tax calculator or take advice from an expert to calculate taxes.

A financial advisor can also guide you through the right financial decisions and help you achieve maximum benefit on your tax returns. Despite no income tax imposed by the state, the residents do have to pay federal income tax. Hence, a precise measure of calculation is essential. 

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Do I have to pay Nevada state income tax?

No, Nevada residents do not have to pay any income tax. All professionals are free from income tax imposed by the state, and it makes it an excellent place to live for taxes. You have to file your federal income tax but no state income tax. The state mainly collects its revenue from sales tax, which is higher than other states. 

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Am I a resident for Nevada income tax purposes?

Nevada Residents have no minimum days stay compulsion—anyone who can prove that they remain in Nevada or work can become a resident. Here are the three steps you need to follow to establish residency in Nevada:

Get a Permanent Address 

A permanent address in Nevada can include any property, whether your home or a rental apartment. You can provide a receipt showing at least 30 consecutive days of residence. As soon as you gain residency, you are not obliged to live there full-time and can travel as you wish.

Get a Nevada Driver’s License 

Official proof of residency and proof of identification are required to apply for a Nevada driver’s license. You must bring two documents that prove your residence. These include a government-issued ID card, proof of your social security number, and your former state’s driver’s license when going to the DMV.

Register Your Vehicle in Nevada 

You must register your vehicle there to prove your residency in a state. Your vehicle can only be registered if you have proof of insurance. Unlike out-of-state insurance, Nevada requires you to have a Nevada-written policy.

Resident status rules

A resident of Nevada resides in Nevada for at least six months. Other than that, the person must have an intent of staying in Nevada. One can own a property or a job in the state to become a resident. 

Part-year resident status rules

If you stay in Nevada for six or fewer months, you are a part-time resident. It is for those residents who arrive in the state on short-term projects and have a specific timeline for their stay. 

Nonresident status rules

A person who does not stay in Nevada is a state nonresident. 

Nevada State Income Tax

Where is my Nevada State Income Tax Refund?

As Nevada does not charge any income tax, there is no refund to track. You can visit the federal or IRS website to check the refund status of your federal taxes. Nevada is among those few states that collect only sales tax but no income tax. It makes Nevada a tax-friendly state and famous among new taxpayers. 

Why did my Nevada State Income Tax Increase?

There has been no increase in income tax rates in Nevada. In 2023, there will be a 0% flat state income tax rate for all its residents and those who have a source of income in the state. Despite higher sales tax, the state does not charge any income tax. The people in Nevada only pay sales tax to the government, as there is zero state income tax and zero corporate tax. Use Beem’s online tax filing assistance for your federal and state income taxes and get every dollar you’re due.

Nevada Sales Tax

Sales tax in Nevada is currently 6.85% at the state level. The sales tax is higher in certain counties to fund their services. Clark County has a total sales tax of 8.375% compared to other counties. Other county expenses include flood control, regional transportation, and police support.

Almost all personal property transferred for value in Nevada is subject to sales tax. A sales tax is imposed on most goods and merchandise — including cars, boats, and alcohol. However, deliveries and installations of purchased products are not taxable.

Despite some exceptions to the sales tax in Nevada, most items are subject to the tax. For example, food is prepared for immediate consumption in restaurants, so it is excluded from sales tax. Also, newspapers, prescription drugs, prosthetic equipment, and durable medical devices are untaxed from sales tax. Check out Beem Tax Calculator to get a quick and accurate estimate of your federal and state tax refund.

5 Things to Know About Nevada State Tax

Here are five things you must know about Nevada state tax:

  • The federal government controls over 80% of Nevada’s state land area, which includes the Department of Agriculture and the U.S. military.
  • Nevada’s average property tax rate is lower than the national average, but it has one of the highest state and local sales tax rates.
  • Generally, if you become a resident of Nevada, you will not be subject to state income taxes, except in the case of income earned from other states.
  • Corporate taxes and personal income taxes are not charged in Nevada. 
  • Nevada could become the world’s fourth-largest gold producer if it were a country.


Q. Is Nevada a high-tax state?

Yes, Nevada has one of the highest sales tax rates in the United States. When local and state sales tax are combined, it is above 8 %. 

Q. Is Nevada a tax-friendly state?

Despite higher sales tax, Nevada has no corporate or income tax. It makes it a tax-friendly state for its residents. 

Q. Is Nevada an excellent place to live for taxes?

Yes, it is one of the nine states that do not charge state income tax. Also, property tax is much less compared to other states. It makes Nevada an excellent place to live for taxes. 

Q. How much of my paycheck goes to taxes in Nevada?

Nothing of your paycheck goes to Nevada. However, despite zero income tax, the total state tax is about 11%. This tax is due to sales tax, which is higher in the state. 

Q. Does Nevada tax income earned in another state?

No, Nevada does not tax income earned in another state. But the other state might charge income tax on your earnings. 

Q. Does the state of Nevada tax social security income?

No, Nevada does not tax Social Security income. 

Q. Can Nevada state income tax go up?

Nevada does not charge income tax. Hence, the taxes will increase if the government imposes some income tax. 

Q. Do seniors have to pay state income tax in Nevada?

Nevada is tax-friendly for senior citizens and does not tax their incomes. 

Q. Does Nevada have a state income tax for the military?

Nevada does not have any income tax for the military. It is an income tax-free zone for all professionals. 

Q. What are Nevada’s state income taxes for LLCs?

Nevada is a tax-friendly state for businesses as well. It does not impose any corporate tax and has no income tax, which makes it a heaven for LLCs. 

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