In-Demand Part-Time Accounting Jobs: Find Your Ideal Role

There are numerous opportunities for people with a suitable skill set and a go-getter attitude. With just a few efforts, you can stand out from the crowd and get your dream job. Follow this guide to find your best-suited part-time accounting job in the country.
In-Demand Part-Time Accounting Jobs: Find Your Ideal Role
You can find the best-suited part-time accounting jobs in America through online job boards, contacting employers directly via professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, or applying on the company’s career portal. Here are the best part-time accounting jobs for you!
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The world in the post-pandemic era is increasingly embracing the gig and hybrid work culture. While freelancing has been prevalent in the past, it’s more welcomed now and is also treated with much more dignity. A critical reason behind this change is that people have begun to value freedom more now and honor flexibility to have a healthier work-life balance. But it’s not the gig workers alone who could’ve brought such a transition. Employers are also recognizing the importance of such part-time workers in managing their workloads. This is why part-time accounting jobs have become more remunerating for the gig economy to flourish. The top 10% of accountants in America earn more than $120k/year.

With the US at the peak of the work culture overhaul, part-time accounting jobs are abundant for all skills and expertise. According to projections by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth for accountants and auditors will reach 6% in the decade ending 2031.

What Are Part-Time Accounting Jobs?

Part-time accounting jobs only require you to work a part-time schedule. They’re usually less demanding and can range from 4-5 hours per day to 30 hours a week. The timings could vary depending on the contractual agreements or availability of work. 

There is no universal standard for part-time accounting jobs, which makes them more lucrative. They’re also helpful if you’re looking for flexibility or have a family and must work less than 40 hours per week. These jobs offer productive ways to make extra income without the strict requirement of a CPA (certified public accountant). They allow you to work for a reputed company and still have time for other things.

How to Part-Time Accounting Jobs in America?

You can find the best-suited part-time accounting jobs in America through online job boards, contacting employers directly via professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, or applying on the company’s career portal.

Some of the most common positions include:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Finance Clerk
  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant/Bookkeeper

Industries typically hiring part-time accounts professionals can be large accounting firms to retailers and non-profits. You need to identify your career path before picking the industry while not being too picky. As a part-time job seeker, you should be open to experiences and opportunities from across the board.

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In-Demand Part-Time Accounting Jobs: Find Your Ideal Role 3

Top Part-Time Accounting Jobs in America

Some of the most preferred part-time accounting jobs in the US include:

Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerks are responsible for the accounting and bookkeeping of a company. They prepare financial statements and invoices and manage the company’s cash flow and accounts receivable. Accounting clerks are usually hired on a contract or part-time basis, depending on their qualifications.

Finance Clerk

A finance clerk is a person who helps with financial and accounting tasks. These include checking bank statements for accuracy and filing them correctly with the appropriate government agencies. They also collect payments from customers, clients, or suppliers, make deposits into their bank accounts, and send customer invoices. A finance clerk also maintains records of transactions processed through your company’s computer system (for example, sales invoices), which are used later for tax purposes.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts analyze and use financial data to help companies make better decisions. They often have advanced financial modeling skills with expertise in MACROS and VBA in Excel. Companies usually hire financial analysts to help them with accounting, financial planning, and analysis. They may also be called accountants, auditors, or controllers.


An accountant/bookkeeper is a job that requires a lot of attention to detail, math, and communication. It’s not an easy job, considering it takes hours to do basic tasks like balancing your checkbook or entering your expenses into the computer system. They also assign assignments to other employees based on their skill set, so this may not be your career path if you have little experience with spreadsheets or databases. 

If all these sound fun (or even interesting), consider going into accounting as a career by finding part-time accounting jobs near you.

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In-Demand Part-Time Accounting Jobs: Find Your Ideal Role 4

How to Apply for Part-Time Accounting Jobs?

There are numerous opportunities for people with a suitable skill set and a go-getter attitude. With just a few efforts, candidates can stand out from the crowd to land their dream job or take a meaningful first step towards it. Here are the things you must consider:

  1. Write a cover letter: Remember to include your skills, experience, and preferred hours of availability to work weekends, evenings and nights in your cover letter.
  2. List references on resume or application form: It’s suggested to provide at least three references with phone numbers for each one. You can call the employers if they need more information about the recommendations for the position.
  3. Provide salary requirements: You can start at $15 per hour or less, depending on how much training is involved in the job (e.g., if it involves additional training beyond orientation). If there isn’t any additional training involved, then keep in mind that many employers will expect part-time employees not only to do what they do best but also to take care of other duties like answering phones during peak hours when no one else is available and handle due date related customer service issues such as late payments.

How Much Do Part-Time Accounting Jobs Pay in the US?

Part-time accounting jobs pay a median salary of $24,000 annually, while the average income for part-time employment is $36,000. The median salary for full-time positions is $58,000. The most common accounting jobs are bookkeepers and accountants. Bookkeepers compile financial records in a gist, while accountants analyze a company’s finances more in-depth.

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To get your preferred part-time accounting jobs, you must be ready for the challenges and responsibilities needed for the position. You must work hard and fast because this job requires precision and attention to detail. It’s also essential to be good at math and have a sense of responsibility when dealing with financial matters. Such requirements can pose some complex challenges for newcomers in the field of finance or accounting.

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