Where’s My Tax Refund – Maine State

Are you a resident of Maine State and wondering, “Where’s my tax refund?” Visiting the Maine Department of Revenue website is one of the easiest ways to determine where your Maine State refund stands. Read on to know more.
Maine State
Where’s My Tax Refund – Maine State
This blog attempts to answer the question, “Where’s My Tax Refund?” that any Maine State resident might have. To get your refund quickly, it helps to file your taxes accurately and on schedule.
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Knowing when you can expect your tax refund during what could otherwise be a stressful time of year provides you with much-appreciated ease. While submitting state tax returns, Maine residents may wonder where to find their tax refund. Fortunately, resources are available to assist you in tracking the progress of your Maine state refund.

Where’s My Tax Refund – Maine State

If you’re waiting for your tax refund from Maine and it’s been more than four weeks since you filed electronically and got acceptance confirmation, you can always check for updates on the status. This information gets updated every night. If you still haven’t received your refund and have questions, call Maine’s Income Tax Division at 1-207-626-8475 for assistance.

Remember, you can always try Beem to file your federal and state taxes without hidden charges and get the maximum refund.

How To Check The Status Of Your Maine State Refund Online

Visiting the Maine Department of Revenue website is one of the easiest ways to determine where your Maine State refund stands. After accessing the website, enter your Social Security number, filing status, and the expected amount of your refund on the “Where’s my refund?” page. 

Details like the amount, the time it was issued, and whether it has been completed are all viewable in real time regarding your refund. Alternatively, you can contact Beem’s customer care department to determine where your Maine state refund stands. In return for your Social Security number and other identifying details, a customer care agent can give you the most up-to-date information about the progress of your refund. 

What Can Cause A Delay In My Maine Refund?

You should expect your Maine state tax refund promptly most of the time, but a handful of rare cases might take a little longer. Common reasons for tax return processing delays include incomplete or incorrect information, a high volume of returns being processed at once, or simple human mistakes. 

If, after six weeks, you have yet to receive your refund, remain calm and refrain from contacting the Maine Revenue Services customer service line. In case of a complex return or for reasons beyond your control, processing your refund may be prolonged. 

Maine Tax Brackets

In Maine, the tax rate increases proportionally with one’s income due to implementing a progressive income tax framework. The Maine state tax brackets are as follows: 

  • 5.8% on the first $22,450 of taxable income
  • 6.75% on taxable income between $22,451 to $53,150 
  • 7.15% on taxable income between $53,151 to $106,750
  • 7.95% on taxable income over $106,750

Maine State Tax Deductions & Credits

Maine taxpayers can reduce their tax liability by capitalizing on various tax deductions and credits in conjunction with the tax brackets. Popular tax allowances and deductions available to Maine taxpayers are as follows. 

In Maine, individuals who file their taxes individually are eligible for a standard deduction of $12,200. In contrast, married couples filing jointly are entitled to $24,400. 

Individuals who meet specific income requirements and owe property taxes in Maine can qualify for a property tax credit. Qualified individuals with low to moderate incomes may find this tax credit a savior. 


Although filing one’s taxes may appear impossible, understanding the process of obtaining one’s Maine state tax return can bring delight. Ensure you maximize your refund by monitoring its status, anticipating potential delays, acquiring knowledge of your tax brackets, and optimizing your deductions and credits. To expedite processing your tax refund, ensure you file your returns accurately and before the deadline.

Employing a professional or using online tax preparation software like Beem to claim deductions and credits as a bonus is also helpful. 

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