20 Legit and Easy Ways to Get Fast Cash

Unexpected events easily overwhelm your cash reserves and that is why you need some fast cash in your life. These ways will help you find fast cash when you need it the most.
20 Legit and Easy Ways to Get Fast Cash
Your payday seems far away, maybe days or weeks at a distance and you need cash now, right now! But what could you possibly do? You’re probably having panic attacks and stress naturally! But honestly, you don’t have to worry a notch. There are ways to get your hands on money in a hurry, without falling prey to scams — 20 ways to be more precise.
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You may have managed your money responsibly over the years and worked super hard as well. But, let’s be honest. Unexpected events easily overwhelm your cash reserves and that is why you need some fast cash in your life. That’s why we’re going to explore some ways to find fast cash when we need it the most.

Get Cash Now Pay Later With Beem

With Cash Now Pay Later (CNPL) by Beem, the best alternative app to instant cash advance, quick and easy cash is available at your disposal. Subscribing to Beem is the fastest way to access instant cash for your purchases, bills, and emergencies. The best part is you can pay it back later.

With Cash Now Pay Later, you get cash when you need it most. Once you subscribe to Beem, you’ll see what plans are available to you and a breakdown of what your payment plan will look like. Once you enter some basic details, active working professionals like you will be able to pick a plan that suits your needs best.

Start with between $10 and $50 for just a $1.97 subscription plan. Pay it back in easy installments and level up to access up to $1000. Read more about how you can use cash now and pay later for your everyday needs here.

Get Rid of the Spares

Another super-easy way to make some fast cash is to sell spare electronics. It could be an old phone or tablet, an MP3 player, or even a laptop. Look at websites that help you sell your spares immediately. Our best bet would be using an ecoATM kiosk.

Cash Them Gift Cards

Sell your unused gift cards. If they’re lying around at home unlikely to be used, sell them! Sites offer instant cash for gift cards. Instant cash offers vary from $15 to $5000. Some websites even pay up to 92% of the card value.

Don’t Be a Pawn Addict

If you need instant cash you could pawn something. Pawnshop loans don’t have to be your first choice, but can be your last resort if you’re left with no choice.

The only advantage would be that they’re quick and if you can’t repay the loan, the pawnshop simply keeps the item you used as collateral. Depending on what you gave as collateral, it could be a lot better than calls from credit card lenders.

Get Rewarded for Being Smart

Link all your purchase cards, especially ones that promise rewards for your spending. The more you spend the more you earn.

Pick Up a Day Gig

It’s more like a “work today for pay today” kind of thing. If you want a quick income boost, look for day jobs or gigs that offer postings for short-term work. It could be in food service, housekeeping, or general labor. But it pays well and it will pay off!

Community Assistance is the Best Kind

Community organizations within your vicinity tend to offer loans or short-term assistance to help with rent, and utilities in case of emergencies. People-oriented institutions like local churches, community centers, and nonprofit associations in your area may also offer small loans.

Take an advance payment

Talk to your employer for an advance on your pay. We’re sure they will understand why you need it and it won’t cost you any fees. You’ll have to repay via payroll deduction. Simple and convenient right?

Take a Loan From Your 401(k)

Did you know your 401(k) can loan you money? But you should also know that conditions apply. 1. You can borrow from your IRA once a year. 2. When you borrow, you have to repay the money within 60 days. Some employers allow 401(k) loans to amount to half your balance up to $50,000, but you have five years to repay your dues.

Life Insurance Lends

Surprise! You can even borrow from a life insurance policy (aka permanent life insurance) that has a cash value. How it works, you ask? Once you borrow against it you will have the rest of your life to repay it. If you don’t or can’t repay, the policy payout comes with subtractions when you die.

Make Use of Your Credit Card

You can even use a credit card cash advance. If you have a credit card that is in good standing, take a cash advance. It is less expensive than a payday loan.

Perks of Alternative Loans

This is new! So, you say, but some credit unions offer short-term cash loans known as payday alternative loans. These credit unions are federally chartered and legally can’t charge over 28% annually. That’s not cheap, we know, but it’s much better than payday loans. Anyday!

Spare Room to Your Rescue

Consider renting out a room on sites like Airbnb. The site isn’t only for people who have vacation homes to rent out. It is also for people with spare rooms that are not in use. You can list extra rooms or even shared rooms. That way you are bringing in some cash by sharing your space with a stranger. Scary? It’s exciting actually.

Be a Moonlight Dog Sitter

Desperately in need of some extra cash? Host a dog for a night or stay over at the owner’s house instead. It’s fun, dogs bring a lot of joy, and taking care of them pays well. Rates vary from $20 and $60 a night in most areas. 

Ride, Rideshare, Deliver and Repeat 

You could do this as a weekend job. Use your own car and gas and ride with people willing to pay for a ride and delivery services. You could deliver takeouts and other items.

Cut Down on Insurance Premiums

Be a smart insurance shopper to avoid paying premiums. Review the dozens of discounts that insurance policies may have available. You get discounts for things like making good grades, completing defensive driving training, or going at least three years without an accident.

Smart shopping will save you 10% to 15% and many insurers offer discounts for buying cars, homes and even renters policies.

Put All Your Debts in One Basket

Struggling to keep up with multiple debt payments? Consider consolidating your balances and lowering your payments. A balance transfer of high-interest credit card debt onto a new one with a lesser or 0% interest rate will add to your savings big time.

Repurpose Your Loans

When you refinance student loans, a private lender pays off your existing loans and replaces them with one loan with a new interest rate and repayment schedule.

Change Your Phone Plan

If you value money over that super new fancy phone, be sure to look into cell phone providers that have discount rates. If you’re not too keen on a heavy cell phone bill every month then there are prepaid cell phone plans for $30 a month or less as well.

Take out a Personal Loan

Lenders have the ability to fund personal loans in a day’s time. And having good credit will open up doors of opportunities. But if your credit is a challenge, you’ll need to find a lender that not only delivers fast cash but also accepts poor credit.

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