Can You Send Money from Cash App to Venmo?

Discover practical techniques for sending money from Cash App to Venmo, including linking accounts, utilizing debit cards, and connecting cards across platforms. While direct transfers are not accessible, this detailed guide gives effective alternatives for smooth transactions.
Can You Send Money from Cash App to Venmo?
Read about peer-to-peer payment networks, emphasizing compatibility and workarounds for moving money between Cash App and Venmo. This handbook facilitates smooth transactions and money management.
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There are various peer-to-peer payment platforms. Among the most popular in this revolution are Cash App and Venmo, two popular services that simplify how we exchange funds in the digital age. How can you send money from Cash App to Venmo? Read more on seamless solutions for transferring funds online. 

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Throughout this article, we explore the nuances of transferring funds between Cash App and Venmo, exploring the compatibility and potential workarounds. Streamlining the process of transferring funds between Cash App and Venmo ensures that you can effortlessly manage transactions with friends or clients. Our guide eliminates the guesswork, providing a quick and efficient method for sending money from Cash App to Venmo.

How to Send Money from Cash App to Venmo?

There are multiple methods for sending money between Cash App and Venmo. If you want to transfer money seamlessly between your Cash App and Venmo accounts, here are the top three methods you can explore. 

  • Linking Cash App as a Bank on Venmo
  • Using a Venmo Debit Card Linked to Cash App
  • Linking a Cash App Card to Venmo

1. Linking Cash App as a Bank on Venmo

  • Open your Venmo app and navigate to the “Me” tab.
  • Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner and select “Payment Methods.”
  • Choose “Add a bank or card” and then select “Bank.”
  • Opt for “Verify bank manually.”
  • Retrieve your Cash App routing and account numbers by going to your Cash App and clicking on your balance.
  • Copy these details and return them to your Venmo app to paste and save them.
  • Verify your account by confirming two small deposits made by Cash App, labeled as “Venmo Acct Verify.”
  • Once verified, you can instantly transfer money from Cash App to Venmo.

2. Using a Venmo Debit Card Linked to Cash App

  • Request a Venmo debit card through the Venmo app under Settings > Venmo Card.
  • Fill in the required information, and once your card arrives (within ten business days), open your Cash App.
  • Click on your balance, choose “Add Bank,” and input the 16-digit Venmo card number along with the expiration date, CVV, and ZIP code.
  • Successfully added, you can now transfer money from the Cash App to your Venmo card instantly.

3. Linking a Cash App Card to Venmo

  • Request a Cash App card through the Cash App by tapping the card icon at the bottom.
  • Choose a card color, sign it, and provide personal details to complete the request.
  • Open your Venmo app once the Cash App card arrives (within 5-7 business days).
  • Navigate to the “Me” tab, tap Settings, and select “Payment Methods.”
  • Add your Cash App details (16-digit card number, expiration date, CVV, and ZIP code).
  • Now, you can add money on Venmo using the linked Cash App card.

Whether you prefer linking accounts as banks, using debit cards, or connecting cards between the two platforms, these steps provide flexible options for transferring money between Cash App and Venmo. Ensure you know any fees associated with instant transfers and enjoy using both platforms for managing your finances.

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Can You Link your Cash App Card to Venmo?

Connecting your Cash App Cash Card to your Venmo account provides a convenient way to transfer funds between these two platforms effortlessly. The Cash Card lets you access your Cash App balance directly within Venmo, streamlining the transfer process.

To initiate this connection, you must obtain a Cash App Cash Card. Navigate to the Cash App and locate the card logo in the screen’s bottom left corner. Click on “Get Free Cash Card” to begin the process.

Upon selecting the card, Cash App offers various design options, including free choices like white and black and premium selections like Chameleon Metal and Black Metal starting at $50. Once you’ve secured the Cash Card, you can view the full card details within the Cash App, eliminating the need to wait for the physical card to arrive in the mail.

Now, head to your Venmo app and access your profile by clicking on the bottom right corner, where your profile picture is displayed. Click on “Add,” and when prompted to choose between adding a card or bank account, select “Card.”

Once you’ve successfully added your Cash Card to Venmo, you can withdraw funds whenever needed. It’s important to note that the Cash App won’t allow you to overdraw the Cash Card, so ensure you have sufficient funds before initiating any transfers.

Can You Use Instant Transfer for Cash App to Venmo?

When transferring money between Cash App and Venmo, it’s important to note that Cash App’s instant transfer feature is incompatible with Venmo transactions. Instant Transfer is designed exclusively for bank accounts within the Cash App ecosystem.

To expedite this process, the Cash App provides an Instant Transfer option. While you can transfer funds to your bank account for free by waiting a few days, Instant Transfer allows you to receive the money instantly for a small fee.

You can instantly transfer funds to your bank account for a minimal charge of $0.25 and a fee ranging from 0.5% to 1.25%. It’s worth noting that this feature won’t work directly with Venmo, as Venmo accounts need routing and account numbers required for this instant transfer functionality.

You can utilize Instant Transfer to swiftly move your Cash App balance to your bank account to maneuver around this limitation. From there, you can seamlessly transfer the funds to your Venmo account, enabling you to pay others on the platform or manage your finances effortlessly.

Cash App and Venmo Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Cash App and Venmo that you can opt for: 


  • Beem, the best alternative app to instant cash advance, offers a user-friendly and secure platform for quick money transfers.
  • Its focus on simplicity and efficiency makes it a compelling alternative for hassle-free transactions.
  • Users can enjoy features like instant transfers and seamless payment experiences.


  • Zelle provides a fast and reliable way to send money directly between bank accounts.
  • With widespread bank partnerships, Zelle enables users to send funds to friends and family seamlessly.
  • Real-time transfers and integration with central banks enhance its convenience.


  • Chime stands out with its mobile banking features and no-fee policy.
  • Users can enjoy early direct deposits, round-up savings, and a user-friendly app interface.
  • Chime’s commitment to financial inclusion makes it a popular choice.

Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay revolutionizes payments with its secure and contactless technology.
  • Users can make in-store and online purchases, send money to contacts, and link their debit and credit cards for a seamless experience.
  • Integration with Apple devices enhances its accessibility.


  • PayPal remains a global leader in online payments with a vast user base.
  • It offers a comprehensive platform for sending and receiving money, making online purchases, and managing finances.
  • PayPal’s security features and versatility make it a trusted choice for various transactions.

Exploring these alternatives ensures you find a platform that aligns with your preferences, whether the speed of transactions, banking integration, or unique features that enhance your overall financial experience.


Whether you can send money from the Cash App to Venmo has been a joint inquiry. While direct transfers between these platforms remain unavailable, exploring alternative methods offers practical solutions.

There are diverse avenues for seamless transfers, from linking bank accounts to utilizing debit cards and exploring innovative options like Beem, Zelle, Chime, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Each alternative has features that ensure users can find a solution that aligns with their speed, convenience, and security preferences.

Venmo and Cash App may be directly connected in the future, but the present landscape offers users a wide range of alternatives.


Can I transfer money directly from the Cash App to Venmo?

As of now, direct transfers from Cash App to Venmo are not supported. The platforms operate independently, limiting direct money transfers between them.

Are there any fees associated with transferring money from Cash App to Venmo?

While direct transfers between Cash App and Venmo are impossible, fees can be associated with alternative methods. Consider any charges for linking cards, bank accounts, or third-party services.

How long does transferring money from Cash App to Venmo take?

The timeframe for transferring money from Cash App to Venmo depends on the chosen method. The process may take a few days for alternative options like linking accounts or using debit cards (usually 7-10 days). Consider the specific terms and conditions of the selected transfer method for accurate timelines.

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