How to Send Money from Cash App to Apple Pay

We explain the steps of transferring funds from Cash App to Apple Pay quickly. It also compares Cash App and Zelle, highlighting their similarities and differences to help customers choose the platform that best meets their financial needs.
How to Send Money from Cash App to Apple Pay
How to Send Money from Cash App to Apple Pay
Understand how to send money from Cash App to Apple Pay, including the steps required for a successful transaction. Discover the differences between Cash App and Zelle, allowing you to make the right decisions about your financial transactions.
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In digital transactions, the transaction money between Cash App and Apple Pay signifies unparalleled financial convenience. As the trend of exchanging funds between digital payment platforms like Cash App and Apple Pay grows, these platforms emerge as trustworthy choices. While transferring money from Cash App to Apple Pay seems straightforward, delving deeper uncovers subtle nuances in their similarities and differences. Explore Beem’s Everdraft feature, the best #1 alternative for an instant cash advance of $5 – $1,000 provides help in sudden financial emergencies. Join us as we unravel how to send money from Cash App to Apple Pay and explore alternative solutions within this financial ecosystem.

How do you Send Money from a Cash App to Apple Pay?

Here’s a simplified guide on how to send money from Cash App to Apple Pay in easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: Link Cash Card to Apple Pay

  • Open the Cash App and log in.
  • Tap the Card icon at the bottom.
  • Click your Cash Card image, select “Add to Apple Pay,” and follow the prompts, agreeing to the terms.

Step 2: Open Apple Pay and Access Apple Cash Card

  • After linking, open Apple Pay and select the black Apple Cash Card with the Apple Logo.
  • It’s automatically linked to your Apple Pay balance.

Step 3: Add Money to the Apple Cash Card

  • Tap the three dots icon on the Cash Card.
  • Choose “Add Money” to begin transferring funds.

Step 4: Enter Transfer Amount

  • Enter the desired amount (minimum $10).
  • Ensure it’s within Cash App and Apple Pay limits to avoid issues.

Step 5: Review & Confirm

  • Select your Cash App Card in the “From” field.
  • Check transfer details (From, To, Transfer amount).
  • Confirm the transaction using Touch ID or passcode.

Once confirmed, your Apple Pay balance will update instantly with the transferred amount. Linking the cards and confirming details ensures a smooth transfer process.

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Cash App or Zelle: Which Is Better?

Choosing between Cash App and Zelle can be pivotal in managing financial transactions. Both offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, understanding their differences and strengths is crucial in selecting the platform that best aligns with your financial needs.

Here are some features of the cash app and Zelle that show distinct between them:

FeaturesCash AppZelle
Account opening$0.00$0.00
Monthly fee$0.00$0.00
Transfer by bank$0.00$0.00
Business transactions2.5%$0.00
ATM withdrawal$2.00N/A
Top-up by credit card3.00%N/A
Instant transfers0.5% to 1.75%N/A
Table 1.0. Key distinct between Cash App and Zelle

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Cash App and Zelle both provide comparable services for sending and receiving money. Let’s explore the similarities between them:

  1. Both Cash App and Zelle allow you to send money quickly to others.
  2. They are user-friendly and offer simple interfaces for sending and receiving funds.
  3. Both have mobile apps, making transactions convenient on smartphones.


While both platforms excel in money transfers, they have some key differences. Let’s show the differences in depth:

Sending Methods:

  • Zelle operates between bank accounts using email or phone numbers, while Cash App uses $Cashtag or contact details for immediate transfers. Cash App also accepts bank, card, or cash top-ups.

International Payments:

  • Cash App supports free transfers between U.S. and U.K. users with zero fees and actual exchange rates. Zelle doesn’t handle international transfers.


  • Cash App offers stock trading and Bitcoin purchasing, while Zelle lacks an investment platform.

Cash Card:

  • Cash App provides a linked Visa debit card with discounts at specific brands, unlike Zelle, which doesn’t offer a card.

Tax Processing:

  • Cash App processes personal tax filings and refunds and issues necessary tax forms, whereas Zelle doesn’t provide tax documents.

After considering the similarities and differences between Cash App and Zelle, Cash App shines as the preferred choice due to its broader range of services, including investments, cryptocurrency, and tax assistance, offering a more comprehensive financial toolkit than Zelle.

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Cash App and Zelle Alternatives

Cash App and Zelle have revolutionized digital finance, but several alternatives offer distinct features catering to various financial needs. Let’s explore the alternatives:


Beem is an alternative to Cash App and Zelle, offering various financial solutions. With Beem’s Everdraft, get instant cash advances when needed. Sending money becomes effortless with Beem, making transfers hassle-free for anyone you choose. During tax season, Beem provides easy filing options. Beem’s Better Financial Feed prevents overdrafts, aids in budget planning, and offers personalized financial insights. Additionally, it helps monitor and enhance your credit score, widening opportunities for rentals, leases, loans, and more.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay, resembling Cash App in certain aspects, offers higher transfer limits and is cost-free for bank account or debit card-funded transfers. Ideal for those within the Apple ecosystem, it simplifies peer-to-peer payments via iMessage using iPhones or Apple Watches. However, it’s exclusive to iOS, creating a barrier for Android users. While lacking extensive added features, Apple Pay’s simplicity in P2P payments and robust security appeal to users seeking a straightforward iOS-based payment system.


Like the Cash App, Venmo facilitates simple money exchanges among friends and family within the U.S. It excels in splitting bills and rent payments, incorporating social aspects for chatting and interacting during transactions. Linking your bank or preferred payment card to Venmo allows easy funding of transfers from external sources or existing Venmo balances. However, Venmo’s limitation lies in its exclusivity within the U.S., needing more international transfer capabilities.


Chime is a substitute for Cash App and Zelle, allowing instant money transfers to family and friends, regardless of their bank. With Chime’s Pay Anyone feature, sending money happens instantly without cash-out fees, ensuring secure payments. Your friends can securely claim the cash through a valid debit card without signing up. Chime offers fee-free instant transfers, ensuring your recipients get their total cash amount without deductions. Additionally, money deposited into your Chime account is FDIC-insured through The Bancorp Bank, N.A., or Stride Bank, N.A., ensuring the safety of your funds.

Google Pay

Google Pay, a substitute for Cash App and Zelle simplifies money matters with its user-friendly features. It’s designed for India, offering familiar rewards and additional benefits. Send money effortlessly to your family or quickly recharge your mobile using Google Pay. It allows fee-free money transfers from your bank account to almost anyone, even those not using Google Pay. Whether splitting bills with friends or shopping online or in stores, Google Pay covers it all. Easy access to past transactions keeps you in control wherever UPI or Google Pay is accepted.


Navigating the world of digital payments involves understanding each platform’s unique features, limitations, and offerings. Whether opting for Cash App, Zelle, or their alternatives, an informed decision based on individual preferences and specific financial needs is critical. These platforms’ seamless integration and flexibility empower users to manage their finances efficiently and securely. Understanding the intricacies of each platform, exploring alternatives, and staying informed about transaction limits and fees empowers users to manage their finances across these digital platforms seamlessly.


What should I do if my transfer from Cash App to Apple Pay is delayed?

In case of delays, verify your transaction details and contact customer support for assistance.

Are there charges linked to transferring funds from Cash App to Apple Pay?

Typically, there are no fees for such transfers, but checking for any specific charges associated with your account is advisable.

Are there any transaction limits when using the Cash App with Apple Pay?

Cash App has set limits for transfers from 0.5% to 1.75%; ensure your transfer aligns with these limits to avoid transaction issues.

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