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Car Insurance
Car Insurance Cover Fire Damage

Does Car Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

The insurance company managing your auto collision claim will likely cover your claim if your vehicle catches fire after a car accident. In maximum circumstance, auto insurance covers damaged caused by fire under liability coverage. Let's read on to know more!
Does Car Insurance Cover DUI Accidents

Does Car Insurance Cover DUI Accidents?

A car insurer may or may not cover accidents caused while Driving Under the Influence. In some circumstances, a company may even take its hands off the liability and refuse to pay for the damages. Let's understand how car insurance works if you meet with a DUI accident.

Do Red Cars Cost More to Insure? Myth or Fact?

Car color is often considered an essential aspect for car enthusiasts, but does it affect insurance rates? Let's learn more!
car insurance in Jackson

Best Car Insurance In Jackson, Michigan [February, 2024]

Selecting the right car insurance in Jackson is a decision that requires in-depth consideration of individual needs, driving habits, and budget constraints.
car insurance in Brandon

Best Car Insurance in Brandon, Florida [February, 2024]

Every driver’s needs differ, and tailoring the policy to your specific requirements is essential. Let’s understand what goes into car insurance in Brandon.
Car insurance in Cicero

Best Car Insurance In Cicero, Illinois [February, 2024]

The average annual cost of car insurance in Cicero is $1,754, translating to a monthly average of $146, slightly higher due to population density and accident rates. Read on to know more.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP) – What Is It?

Consider Personal Injury Protection as your safety net, always there to catch you, no matter who's to blame in an accident. In this blog, Beem will break down every aspect of PIP conversationally. Let's dive in!
cheapest car insurance in New Haven

Cheapest Car Insurance in New Haven, Conn. [February 2024]

This blog caters to drivers and vehicle owners in their teens to those in their 70s, detailing options for the cheapest car insurance in New Haven, Conn.
Gap Insurance In Georgia

Gap Insurance In Georgia – 5 Best Gap Insurance Providers

Gap insurance in Georgia is a crucial safeguard for financial stability in the face of unforeseen events. Read on to know more.
Gap insurance in Arkansas

Gap Insurance In Arkansas – 5 Best Gap Insurance Providers

The timeline for Gap Insurance payouts can vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific details of the claim. This blog lists options for gap insurance in Arkansas.

Can You Dispute an Auto Insurance Claim 

Auto insurance deals are legal agreements that insurers must follow, just like you do. Knowing how to challenge a claim is essential. Let's understand if you can dispute an auto insurance claim and how to do so.

Is Car Insurance Tax Deductible? 

If you use your car primarily for work, you can deduct the car insurance cost while filing your taxes. However, If you use your car for personal requirements, you cannot use the premiums as a tax deductible. Let's understand how tax deductibles and car insurance are linked.

Comprehensive Insurance vs Collision Insurance 

While comprehensive and collision car insurance are not legally required in any state, but they can be helpful in various situations. Beem will help you understand how the two coverages are different from each other and which is the best for your needs. Let's explore!

Property Damage Liability Insurance: How it Works

Several states mandate you to carry certain policies to help cover damage and injuries you cause to others. Beem takes a closer look at property damage liability coverage and what benefits it provide.
third party insurance

Third Party Insurance: Features, Benefits and Importance

There are several avenues to explore when venturing into acquiring Third Party Insurance, whether it’s third party car insurance or liability coverage for homeowners and businesses. Let’s explore.

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